Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2012: The Year Climate Change Got Real

  For how long the hired guns will deny the obvious at our expense?

The Price of Oil: Exxon Hates Your Children. Satire with a serious message.

  We have the Solution - Electric Cars are here already, but Will They Give You The Real Choice?

"If you have the Feeling that your children are losing something - you could be right this time. The last opportunity to Escape the Civil War, which will follow The Break Down of the Social fabric in the Western Society is fading by the hours now, not even years."

"2012 may be remembered as the year Climate Change got real for Americans.

James Hansen Interview by Climate One

Paul Douglas Weather Nation 2012 Review

NPR: The Year Climate Change Got Real


Eric Rignot on Antarctic warming


Tom Karl interviewed on PBS News Hour


Climate Crocks playlist


Join the conversation at http://www.climatecrocks.com"

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