Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super-humans and Super-materials: HEAD Graphene™ Speed - Novak Djokovic's New Weapon Revealed

  This is only the beginning of revolution in ultra light and extra-strength Super-materials. Graphene allows to create materials for the technologies of 21st century, including Mobile Communications, Electric Cars, Energy Storage and Power Generation.

Graphene: The 2D Material That Could Change Everything

Lomiko's 11 High Grade, Near Surface Flake Graphite Drill Hole Results Indicate Open Pit Mining Potential at Quatre Milles LMR.v

"We like small companies in the Big Trends. It is the very risky proposition, but potential reward can justify it. We have our Big Trend - Energy Transition and Strategic Commodities to make it happen: Lithium and Graphite. We are investing here in the companies who can make it happen.

  These companies are breaking the status quo and established markets. A lot of things can go wrong, even if the quality of the assets is outstanding."

And it is already here:

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