Monday, January 14, 2013

Lithium to the Rescue - Pollution Levels in Beijing Extremely Hazardous

 Will Electric Cars be recognised now as the rescue and the only viable way forward? When the main questions about the cars will be Not How Far and How Much, But Whether It Is Safe?

Lithium charge: Beijing to waive license plate lottery for electric vehicles 

"All our estimations about the Electric Cars and their adoption rates will be proven wrong in the end. It have happened with all technology, we can not really predict the future here. We can only estimate the trend. And here is another reason to move to Electrification of our transportation - Clean Air. When you have it - you never need it. Just the look at the picture from Beijing tells you why China is so anxious to move fast in the electric cars space. Question is not only about survival economically in the Peak Oil environment, but about surviving physically in our mega cities and China will have majority of them on its soil very soon."

Lithium Rush: The Art Of War In The Markets: China Getting Ready For 5 Million Electric Cars by 2020

"We are talking a lot about the economic benefits of electric cars here, and that they will be the only economically viable solution for our personal  mobility after the Oil Crunch. Unfortunately, there is another side of the oil - nobody is talking enough about, oil kills and not only on the battle fields far away during the "liberation" military occupations, but literally on the streets every day. If this price was seriously accounted among the other considerations about electric cars, we think, that our tipping point for the mass market for electric cars would be already here.

  We all have the right for the Clean Air, but why not on the streets? We do not think that the air quality in Los Angeles is any better than it is in London - all mega cities in the world are killing thousands of their residents by allowing to drive ICE cars slowly day by day."

  China has made a phenomenal expansion of infrastructure at the pace never seen in the world before, it will be able to crack the Electric Cars market as well.

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