Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lithium Drive: Warren Buffett: BYD Electric Bus - Electric Dreamz Are Coming Back From China

  Despite of all bumps on the roads for its electric cars, BYD is pushing forward and introducing K9 Electric Bus to the markets. Company is already engaged in number of Chinese cities with its Electric Buses, has signed strategic agreement with Argentina on building Lithium Batteries and Electric Buses plants and has announced the new Brand - Denza for BYD and Daimler Joint Venture for developing electric cars in China.

Lithium Drive: Warren Buffett: BYD signs over another 1500 vehicles to Shenzen, making the world's largest electric vehicle fleet

"While some people would like to make us all think that electric cars are polluting more than ICE ones, China moves fast with its Electric Cars program. If you have noticed from the Envia news about Lithium Wonder Battery - actual cell production facility is based in...China. Chinese companies are claiming larger stake in Lithium Battery production market now and Lithium Materials production is already a home turf for Chinese companies.
  Companies like Ganfeng Lithium are staking their claims in Lithium Supply chain for the Green Revolution by investing in companies like International Lithium with world wide base of lithium projects.
    BYD had a very bad publicity last year and now company is coming back. Warren Buffett backs the BYD and latest lithium battery breakthrough can make the very fast adoption rate for electric cars in China. There is the question of not only the higher gas prices, but urban survival with pollution from ICE cars, which is already reaching a very dangerous levels in major cities even with still the very low rate of cars per capita in China. Urban mobility in China and India will be impossible in any meaningful numbers without electric cars now."


The Electric Bus is another masterpiece of BYD's in the field of electrified transportation. The Electric Bus is 12 meters long, and the whole design is oriented around ease of customer transport. The specially designed in-wheel drive and the electronically controlled air suspension makes the Electric Bus with low-floor and ample space to allow easy passenger loading and unloading. The front windscreen occupies 2/3 of the front face of the bus for maximum viewing and safety. The silver body with black side windows gives the Electric Bus an elegant exterior, while the interior boasts exquisite adjustable leather seating for driver plus high-quality red and black leather seats for passengers. Carefully engineered sound insulation for a quiter cabin experience.

As BYD's first pure electric bus, the Electric Bus employs many advanced technologies developed by BYD itself. For example, The "Fe" battery. used on Electric Bus is non-polluting, and the chemical materials contained in the battery can be recycled. The solar cells installed on top of Electric Bus can supply more power to supplement the Fe battery. Also, the trip computer information to the driver to make the driver clear about every working condition while driving.


The Electric Bus can be fully charged in 3 hours or 6 hours with two different chargers.


Unitary construction body, 4-wheel disc brake, ABS, and ASR deliver passengers with standard safety elements.
Three passenger doors with low-entry and special footplates for wheelchair access, non-step inside gives the Electric Bus most practical use of space.


The energy consumption of the Electric Bus is less than 100 kWh per 60 miles.
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