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Mar 28, 2012


Vancouver B.C.: International Lithium Corp. ("ILC" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the appointment of John Harrop as VP Exploration.

John Harrop brings to the company over 28 years of international exploration and project management experience.
Since 2004 he has been involved with the Coast Mountain Group of companies in key management roles, primarily with TNR Gold Corp and now International Lithium Corp.

Prior to the inception of International Lithium Corp, John Harrop lead the project generation team responsible for the identification and acquisition of the lithium and rare metals projects at TNR Gold Corp (International Lithium's parent company through a Plan of Arrangement and spin-out) and subsequently manages all operations in relation to the Company's current property portfolio. John Harrop has extensive experience particularly in geochemistry, geological data analysis and quality control that forms an important and integral part of the exploration targeting on both the Company's lithium-potash brine and rare metals pegmatite projects. He possesses an in depth knowledge and understanding of lithium and rare metals exploration models. Combined with the expertise of ILC's technical advisory team, he will provide a significant contribution to the Company's current and future undertakings.
John Harrop is a graduate of the University of British Columbia in Geological Sciences, a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia and a Fellow of the Geological Society.

"I would like to welcome John Harrop into his new role within the ILC team. John was instrumental in the delivery of the recent exploration success and discoveries made by ILC on its numerous lithium and rare metals projects. In his newly expanded role he will be personally responsible for the application of the latest advanced exploration technology while continuing to maintain strict budget and operational control on all exploration activities in the Company." States Kirill Klip, President of International Lithium Corp.


International Lithium Corp. is a rare metals mineral exploration company with an outstanding portfolio of projects, strong management ownership, robust financial support and a strategic partner and keystone investor Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd., a leading China based lithium product manufacturer.
ILC currently has 9 active rare metals projects, well balanced between lithium-potash brines in Argentina, Nevada and hard-rock pegmatites in Canada and Ireland. The Company's primary focus is the Mariana lithium-potash brine project, a salar or 'salt lake', covering an expansive 160 square kilometres and strategically encompassing the entire basin. Mariana is located in the renowned South American 'Lithium Belt' centered on the junction of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile that is host to the vast majority of global lithium resources, reserves and production. The Mariana lithium-potash brine project ranks as one of the more prospective salars in the region.
Complementing the Company's lithium-potash brine projects are the rare metals pegmatite properties. The key characteristics shared by the hard-rock rare metals projects are their limited past exploration, excellent accessibility, limited assaying for rare metals, clear potential for additional exploration to add project value and development potential to meet the global technological growth in demand for the rare metals suite of elements.
International Lithium Corp.'s mandate is to increase shareholder value through aggressive advancement of its core projects and to source joint venture partners to expand the scope and diversify risk of its exploration effort.

On behalf of the Board,

Kirill Klip
President -- International Lithium Corp.

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