Thursday, April 26, 2012

Intelligent Electrification by Bob Lutz - VIA Motors - Powered by Lithium

Peak Oil: The Economist: Feeling Peaky: The Economic Impact of High Prices

"It is the case, when who is telling you - is the most important part in the message. Vested interests would like you to believe that that there is no issues with Oil. If you are still wondering about the rising Gas prices at the pump make some research - we will provide the good start. The Ugly Truth is that there is NO more Cheap Oil left and oil prices will go down only when economy starts chocking again."

Clean Air and Electric Cars: Traffic pollution kills 5,000 a year in UK - Exhaust fumes are twice as deadly as roads

"We are talking a lot about the economic benefits of electric cars here, and that they will be the only economically viable solution for our personal  mobility after the Oil Crunch. Unfortunately, there is another side of the oil - nobody is talking enough about, oil kills and not only on the battle fields far away during the "liberation" military occupations, but literally on the streets every day. If this price was seriously accounted among the other considerations about electric cars, we think, that our tipping point for the mass market for electric cars would be already here.
  We all have the right for the Clean Air, but why not on the streets? We do not think that the air quality in Los Angeles is any better than it is in London - all mega cities in the world are killing thousands of their residents by allowing to drive ICE cars slowly day by day."

Powered by Lithium: Forbes: A Real U.S. Oil Security Strategy Would Boost Electrification Of Transport Sector

"Finally the voices of honest people talking about solutions for the coming Oil Crunch are getting into mass media - will they be heard? Yes, you can not hide the Ugly Truth about Peak Oil any more - There is No Cheap Oil left out there. Policing the world oil supply lines becomes unaffordable luxury now. Americans start to vote with their money for the alternative way with every new Electric Car and Hybrid on the street."

We build electrified versions of  your favorite trucks, vans and SUVs.

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