Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lithium Drive: Electric Bikes - Zero MX Goes Wild

We would like to talk today about the Lithium Batteries and Electric Powertrain durability or should we really do it? Just watch the video of Zero MX Electric Bike hitting the dirt track.

ZERO MX Electric Motocycle

Responsive. Planted in the corners. Tuned for flight. Twist the throttle and start carving the track. Silent and powerful, the Zero MX opens a visceral new world of moto possibility.

The Zero MX takes revolutionary electric motorcycle technology to the track, trail or even your back yard. Incredibly tough and lightweight, the Zero MX uses a finely tuned and fully adjustable suspension system to absorb aggressive terrain and give you an edge. Combined with state of the art Z-Force™ technology and an ultra-light frame design, the Zero MX is agile and fast where it counts.

Speaking of fast, the Zero MX will spin heads as well as laps around the competition. Based on the 2011 World Electric Indoor Motocross championship winning machine, the new Zero MX has taken huge leaps forward in terms of power and response. Finely massaged by the Zero engineering team, the new MX demands attention. Track tuned suspension and an industry leading power-to-weight ratio results in a dirt bike with uninhibited responsiveness. Alloy motocross wheels take the hits while smoothly maintaining control. Intensity combines with silence to open up a new world of riding possibilities. Think about it: if no one heard you riding, where would you ride?


The new 2012 Zero MX is more fun to ride than ever before. It shares many of the same improvements as the Zero X, but is stripped down to be lighter, faster off the line and have more traction in the dirt. Designed exclusively for off-road and motocross track usage, the 2012 Zero MX provides 75% more range, leverages Zero Motorcycles’ revolutionary new Z-Force™ battery technology and is more powerful than ever before. In addition to improved performance, owners will be pleased to know that the Zero MX’s Z-Force™ power pack now lasts the life of the motorcycle with the ability to ride upwards of 3,000 track hours while still retaining 80% capacity. To give the Zero MX a bold new look, it now has more contemporary bodywork and stylish graphics.
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