Tuesday, June 01, 2010

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India has not even started to embrace mobility by Western standards, but the only way to do it in any meaningful way could be by introducing Electric Cars in a truly mass market fashion. Gas prices are still subsidised in India, real market prices and any further increase in price of Oil will put a further constrain on relatively poor majority of population. On another hand mass production of CE powered cheap cars like Tata Nano will bring bring such level of pollution which will literally suffocate population in a few decades. The very sensitive issue is price: you can talk about competition in U.S. between conventional cars and Nissan Leaf priced at $25000, but it is very difficult to beat Tata Nano with price tag from $2500. That is why this move buy Mahindra is so significant for EVs mass market development in India and world wide. GM has announced that they will break relationship with Reva now and will concentrate on GM Volt introduction to India and their relationship with Chinese SAIC in Electric Cars market place. We guess that in India to move things forward you need to be an Indian company and now Reva will be backed by Home based multibillion elephant. Reva and GM were very slow, but please bear in mind all GM problems. Reva has technology and a very reasonable new model powered by Lithium batteries, will Mahindra be able to introduce mass production and bring acceptable level of pricing for the Indian market now? In case of success it means one of the first mass markets in a very tight price competition range and it will bring volume to lithium ion batteries market - the only way to reduce battery price tag. It will lead to further upside momentum in our Demand model for Lithium and REE.

"The main open question is: will Electric Cars' adoption rate be correlated with Washing Machines' one or will it enjoy more explosive growth like Mobiles with rate of acceleration like iPods on the chart below?"
'We don't have a group-wide mission statement. Our Core Purpose is what makes all of us want to get up and come to work in the morning.'
- Anand G. Mahindra
Indians are second to none in the world. The Founders of our nation and of our Company passionately believed this. We will prove them right by believing in ourselves and by making Mahindra & Mahindra Limited known world-wide for the quality of its products and services."

Mahindra to produce electric cars

NXG REVA shown in Frankfurt last year, could go on sale in Europe badged Mahindra REVA. Would it work here though?

Shahzad Sheikh01 June 2010
Indian car maker Mahindra, best known for producing SUVs and Jeeps is clearly hoping to muscle in on the fledgling (but potentially huge) electric car market, having taken a 55.2% stake in the REVA Electric Car Co.Based in Bangalore the company was co-founded by AEV LLC in California after a joint venture with the Maini Group. The REVA electric vehicle went on sale in India in 2001 and also in London in 2004 under the G-Wiz brand. In fact REVA has the largest deployed fleet of electric cars in the world available in 24 countries across Europe, Asia and Central and South America with over 3500 cars in use today. The NXG (pictured here) was introduced at the Frankfurt motor show last year, and the company’s technology is also being used in the Chevrolet e-Spark which premiered at the Delhi Auto Show earlier this year. Mahindra, itself worth $6.3bn and employing over 100,000 people, will be investing $10m into the new joint company, rebranded Mahindra REVA. ‘With issues such as climate change and carbon footprint taking centre stage globally, eco-friendly transportation becomes the need of the hour. Mahindra already has an established sustainable mobility solutions programme and our association with REVA will only help us further expand our green footprint both in India and overseas,’ said Anand Mahindra, VC & MD of Mahindra & Mahindra.
Do you think electric cars will take off in the Middle East any time soon? Okay maybe not in Sharjah with they power supply problems, but elsewhere..."
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