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Lithium: RCR’s company reviews on Globe Metals & Mining and TNR Gold TNR.v, CZX.v, RM.v, LMR.v, LI.v, WLC.v, CLQ.v, SQM, FMC, ROC, GDX, NEM, ABX, FCX

"Electric Cars is the only commercially viable technology today to sustain mobility world wide with rising Oil prices. Lithium is at the heart of Green Mobility revolution - it is an industry adopted standard for batteries and billions of dollars are invested into battery technology and upcoming by the end of this year Electric Cars on a mass market scale. This Bull market is still very young - only a year or so from the beginning after the crash of 2008. More"

We remember RCR reports from our Uranium Bull hey days, when they have spotted couple of Australian Uranium Juniors which were taken over by Chinese companies later. RCR talks about Los Azules and Alaska Gold to be spin out later - with recent gold prices it will be a very timely move. Very interesting to see comparative valuation chart of International Lithium Corp. and other Lithium Juniors involved in the sector. Lithium One transaction has put Argentina Lithium Brines on the radar screen again.
"We have another confirmation today of money flow into Lithium sector when Lithium One announced a J/V deal with Korean company Kores on its Lithium Brine Salar project in Argentina. Now we have deals in place with Magna, Toyota, Posco and Kores to advance lithium brine projects in Argentina. It is very important that Lithium end users prefer to secure supply of Lithium and not wait OPEC style Lithium cartel to be formed by existing producers like SQM, FMC and Chemetall. Chinese are very active in Australia and Japanese and Koreans in Argentina now. There are not a lot of quality projects left in the area. Everybody is looking for low cost potential production from brines and only few companies with credible teams are involved in the sector. Early stage Mariana Lithium Brine Salar of International lithium Corp. could be well on the radar screens now for potential J/V interests with ongoing exploration program."

We have a position in this company, please, do not consider anything as an investment advise, as usual, on this blog.

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Resource Capital Research (RCR) has put out a company research report on Globe Metals & Mining Limited and another on TNR Gold Corp.

Globe Metals & Mining is listed on the ASX with the code “GBE”. Please find below a link to the report:


TNR (TSX-V: TNR) is focused on early stage exploration for gold and high-demand minor metals. A planned TSX spin-out, of International Lithium Corp, should add value to its Li and REE assets, and leave TNR with a portfolio of highly prospective, porphyry copper-gold targets.

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