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Investing in Lithium and REE: Hype, Dreams and Economics. Updated TNR.v, CZX.v, SQM, ROC, FMC, WLC.v, RM.v,, RES.v, LI.v, F, DAI, BYDDY, CLQ.v, NSANY,

Investing in Lithium: Looking for Catlyst. September, 2010

Lithium Bull: Rest before the Charge. August, 2010.

"Electricity is the most convenient form of energy available to us, now we have means to store it.
"Applications of this simple statement could transform our way of life dramatically. Once it was estimated that there will be need in maximum six computers in the world. When have you bought CD last time and paid for your mobile phone? Magnitude of this change in energy space will be even more dramatic socially and economically."

"...Universe will give us all a chance and Masters will not chose to spin us into the first option because of.....(you can add any positive thoughts here).
In this case we need to plan how to live during
Kondratieff Winter until all loss from derivatives will be absorbed by the system. Here is our Gold and Silver ideas will shine, when government will debase FIAT currencies to inflate out debts and Social Security payments unsustainable with real purchasing power of currencies at the same level. Gold and Silver act like a Real Store of Value.
Next thing is to find a Big Idea around which you can consolidate the nation and its economy. It can not be Wall Street and Prosperity of Goldman Sachs, idea to sell houses to everybody, who can never afford it, will be felt by everybody for decades to come. We need something which will affect positively everybody very fast, will be big enough to bring structural change to the whole economy, will use at least something competitive left in US Corp.,
will unleash positive energy of creation and sustainable living in peace with Nature. From economic point of view it must bring back wealth creation based on spending of what is earned, saving and investing in production goods and services with high added value.
Such a thing is in existence already and we call it
Next Big Thing - Green Mobility revolution based on Electric Cars with new oil - Lithium and REE to drive our Green Bull.
We will start our reasoning from the End - it is already happen and US Corp. has to catch up. China is making a leapfrog into electric car next industrial revolution and increasing dramatically its competitive and strategic Power: they are allocating resources where it is matters: high end research applications for everyday life. It is a matter of security - they do not have Oil, they need to keep population happy and bring mobility without destroying what is left out of environment there. Electric cars means New Energy sources, new infrastructure build and new internal consumer demand created.

How to invest in Lithium and REE - Dummies guide.
CS. We think it is an important message and we have to respond to this opportunity to outline one more time what we are doing here, why and what should you expect.

"Hi, thank you for what you are doing - this truly lithium blog :-) May I ask you to write an article called - "Investing in lithium for dummies", where you describing how the investing may be done (companies, ETF's, physical I believe is not an option, etc.). The article must not describe why lithium is good investment nor why investors must not miss it. Because of not many sources, small list of companies will be appreciated as well, with explanation why exactly that particular companies. For example I still not get the idea why TNR is good lithium investment (or is it?). Nick."

"Hi Nick, Thanks for stopping by. It is very good that you do not receive an investment advise here for any particular stock. It is our Diary about our journey, we can not give any investment advise here, but we will provide as much publicly available information as possible so you can make your own decision. If we are writing more about one story than another it means that we like the story and the business behind it. We will put together something with all initial info in one place along this approach. We will always share our maps and where we are going, you will decide whether you are fine just reading our travel notes or you would like to see the Rome by yourself. In our Common Sense Secrets of Trade we are sharing our investment philosophy and approach to make the travel safer. If it will help you to make your own investment decisions and be successful our task will be fulfilled. Regards, Sufiy."

We are covering here Junior mining, it is an extremely risky part of investment world if you do not know what you are doing. It is sometimes an incredibly profitable part of the investment world if you know what you are doing. Key word here is Sometimes. We are writing about this luck based on years of training and hard work: how to get this Sometimes more often and where to find it.

If you do not have time or desire to read, think and challenge - better keep you money away from this sector.

In all other cases spend some time with us here and we will try to guide you how to get as much as possible from this blog on Lithium and REE subject and make less mistakes. You are even more fortunate than us - you can go back and see what kind of trend predictions we have made, what worked and where we made mistake - what kind of tools we used to separate winners from losers and whether it was efficient.

We will remind you again that you will not find any investment advise here - only food for thought and our ideas, which you can use to test our theories and make your own decisions.

You will notice that with time we became more concentrated and focused in our ideas and moved from trading into investing into Two major investment trends:

1. Debasing of US Dollar and rise in Gold and Silver. You will find it under US Dollar collapse, Gold and Silver.

2. Structural shift in Energy Economy based on disruptive technology: Green Mobility and Next Industrial Revolution. You will find it under Lithium and REE.

It is a lot of reading, but your money deserves it.

There are times when to be bullish and times when to be bearish, do not mess with them.

In Lithium story you will notice that we are monitoring development of TNR Gold TNR.v and its Lithium and REE start up International Lithium Corp. which will become public later this year. Reasons for it are simple: we are long standing shareholders in the company, we have chosen it for its Gold and Copper properties first, then for its people and now we are writing here about what these people have achieved during this crisis. We know this company better then others and following it with our money. You can find other companies in reports we will provide below, use the same metrics as we are using for TNR Gold and then make your own decision: maybe there are better companies, maybe we are totally wrong here or maybe you will think that it is wise to invest in all of them. We can only suggest that if you are in any doubt - to do nothing is the best option.

But back to our travel guide:

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