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Lithium and REE Demand: 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show - Renault Zero Emission TNR.v, CZX.v, SQM, FMC, ROC,, RES.v, WLC.v, CLQ.v, LI.v, RM.v, F,

We spent some time travelling: today we can say that Electric Mobility Revolution is happening, it is Lithium, it is safe and it is coming fast. We have met with designers and engineers, we have grilled Lithium batteries' developers and driven Tesla - Energy and Drive are Electric and Eco is the main theme at Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

Renault is the Electric Big Bang of the show with four full electric models and their prediction:
"In ten years time 15-20% of cars sold in Europe will be electric".
Everybody else is on the rush to be up to speed of development in Green Mobility Race with Mercedes, BMW and Audi shows built around centerpiece: Full Electric models and Hybrid cars.

We have put it before as "Investing in Lithium and REE: Hype, Dreams and Economics" - now we can add that Hype for Electric is at its very beginning, Dreams are at the show and the most important left is economics: regarding cars - you can drive 100km for 2 euro in Germany and even less in Austria; and Renault is claiming the price for the car in normal range with battery leased to the customer; regarding Lithium and REE plays - time is to see who has the goods, strong management and access to the capital. Question whether Electric cars will be on the road with Lithium ion batteries and whether they will have utility and safety matching "normal car" is not there for us any more.

This is what we call full utility EV. 2011 production target, 24 kWh Lithium ion battery made by NEC. Range on a full charge 160 km. Price promised to be in line with comparable car and battery will be leased. Rechargeable Standard Charge at 220-240v, Quick Charge 400v and Quick Drop - Battery exchange. Here is interesting thing: better place was next to Renault exposition, but nowhere on the Renault stand you can see better place TM and their Battery Switch Stations in Renault videos or exposition materials. No mention at all. They mention only cooperation with better place on the website in Energy Management.
All technology was presented, including the demonstration of automatic battery drop system. According to engineers there is no safety problems with Lithium batteries. Renault makes bold prediction about future of electric cars, leapfrog any Hybrid state directly into Full plug-in EV world and we will monitor their development affecting our Lithium Demand model.
We encourage all interested in Lithium and REE space to watch videos on Renault website:

Fluence Z.E. Concept is a statement of Renault's intention to produce a range of zero-emission vehicles that meet the needs of all types of customer. Fluence Z.E. Concept is a genuine family car which demonstrates that attractive styling, comfort and space can go hand in hand with respect for the environment.
Electric mobility with a passion

"Fluence Z.E. Concept is a genuine family car aimed at customers who want both roominess and style." Carlos Ghosn

The styling cues of Fluence Z.E. Concept combine the design language of motoring pleasure with the visual signature of Renault's range of electric vehicles.
Fluence Z.E. Concept possesses dynamic lines, highlighted by a fluid character line which sweeps from the headlights to the rear shoulders. It is 4,820mm long, has a wide track of 1,672 mm, is well-proportioned and exudes status-enhancing, elegant looks.
Luxury, harmony and… energy efficiency
Fluence Z.E. Concept's warmly welcoming and refined interior is based on a combination of flowing forms, the use of soft, supple materials and a mottled ambience. Passengers are comfortably seated in four enveloping seats robed in light leather upholstery. The feet rest on a light blue translucent gel mat, while the brake and accelerator pedals, too, are covered in gel for a greater sense of comfort. When the doors open, the courtesy lighting recalls the luminous blue signature of Renault's electric vehicle range.

Fluence Z.E. Concept is powered exclusively by an electric motor located near the front axle, in conjunction with a lithium-ion battery positioned between the rear seats and the boot. Renault's designers and engineers worked closely together to develop a safe, practical vehicle capable of accommodating a large enough battery to ensure good range (160km), while also providing sufficient carrying capacity to cater for the requirements of an active family (327dm3).
Technology dedicated to environment
Fluence Z.E. Concept is not respectful of the environment simply because it runs on electricity. Indeed, the entire car has been thought through to optimize energy use:

the photovoltaic cells meet part of the car's energy requirements with a view to complementing the power supplied by the battery,
the headlights use high-performance electroluminescent diodes which deliver an excellent trade-off between efficiency and energy consumption,
the triple-zone climate control system allows occupants to achieve just the right settings for the two seats at the front and at the rear. The air vents also feature a dynamic lighting code, with blue representing the passage of cold air and red representing warm air,
the car's aerodynamics have been meticulously honed to minimize drag, including streamlined rear-view mirrors with integrated rearward facing cameras, a completely enclosed underside incorporating a diffuser at the rear, and spiral-form wheel rims,
Fluence Z.E. Concept runs on low rolling resistance Michelin tyres.

This is Commercial Fleet EV solution. 2011 production target. 24 kWh Lithium ion battery. Standard Charge and Quick Charge.

Kangoo Z.E. Concept is powered by a 70kW electric motor which delivers 226Nm of torque, in conjunction with a lithium-ion battery. Energy consumption is minimized thanks not only to the careful attention that has been paid to its overall design, but also to the energy optimization solutions it features, without the necessary high standard of comfort suffering in any way.
An urban and suburban calling
Kangoo Z.E. Concept's dimensions (length 3.95m, height: 1.85m) ensure that it is perfectly nimble and manoeuvrable in and about town. Its high torque (226Nm) is instantly available to ensure responsive acceleration performance in built-up areas.
Zero-emission mobility, too, for the professional road-user
The Kangoo Z.E. Concept provides a foretaste of what mobility promises to resemble in the future for urban-based transporter and delivery companies, while at the same time carrying over the same acclaimed strengths as Kangoo when it comes to travelling comfort, space and safety performance. To facilitate loading, the hatch-type rear door and wide, folding sill ensures that parcels and other types of loads are easy to slide into the boot.
Interactive and user-friendly

"Kangoo Z.E. Concept combines zero-emission technology with Kangoo’s acclaimed strengths of comfort, space, safety and performance." Carlos Ghosn

The Kangoo Z.E. Concept enables the driver to communicate with the vehicle with a view to profiting fully from its technology. For example, logos light up to signal that the vehicle recognizes occupants as they approach.As a socially responsible car, it is also equipped with polyurethane gel bumpers which deform easily to soak up minor knocks, while customers and pedestrians are reassured by their absorbent aspect.
A linear display on the outside of the door provides an indication of how much range remains even before the driver gets inside the vehicle. This lit display can be likened to the charge indicator of a cell phone.

2012 production target. 24 kWh Lithium ion battery. Standard and Quick Charge, Quick Drop - battery exchange.

"Zoe Z.E. Concept is evidence that an all-electric zero-emission vehicle can also boast smart, appealing looks. Zoe Z.E. Concept features technology aimed at extending its range and enhancing the travelling comfort of all occupants.
An economical and ecological solution
Zoe Z.E. Concept targets motorists who own more than one car and who are looking for a compact, versatile vehicle capable of meeting their varied day-to-day needs, such as the school or work run, or shopping trips. Zoe Z.E. Concept is an all-electric, zero-emission vehicle which reconciles motoring with the environmental aspirations of customers looking for a vehicle with the best possible ecological footprint.
Electric pleasure

"ZOE Z.E. Concept targets motorists looking for a compact and flexible vehicle capable of meeting their day-to-day needs, from the daily commute, to the school run and trips to the shops." Carlos Ghosn

Zoe Z.E. Concept invites its occupants to enjoy familiar pleasures. Using cutting-edge electric-vehicle technology, Zoe Z.E. Concept is proof that a zero-emission vehicle can also possess a dynamic, edgy, attractive design which immediately points to driving enjoyment. Aerodynamics have a significant influence on the performance of a zero-emission vehicle and, in the case of the Zoe Z.E. Concept project, the overriding concerns regarding design were elegance and efficiency.Zoe Z.E. Concept is just 4.10m long and is powered by a 70kW electric motor which develops 226Nm of torque. It is easy to imagine the vehicle making its way silently through traffic in built-up areas. The large 21-inch wheels and large body panels are reassuring touches that give the four occupants complete peace of mind when travelling out of town.
Three battery-charging techniques
The driver has three options when it comes to 'filling up' on energy:
A standard charge: takes between four and eight hours, via a charging socket situated on the outside of the vehicle.
A quick charge: in 20 minutes, using the same socket at specific charging points.
The exclusive 'Quickdrop' system: three minutes at a rapid battery exchange station."

2012 production target. Smaller Lithium ion battery. Standard and Quick Charge.

"Twizy Z.E. Concept is an innovative response to the challenge of urban mobility. With its four-wheel chassis, Twizy Z.E. Concept offers the driver and passenger – seated one behind the other – an all-electric means of transport which produces no CO2 emissions.

A vehicle for busy city-dwellers…

"Twizy brings a fresh new approach to urban mobility. Its distinctive layout combines advantages of both two- and four-wheel vehicles, offering maximum agility with stability." Carlos Ghosn

Twizy Z.E. Concept is an all-electric vehicle aimed primarily at busy city dwellers who need to pick their way through the urban jungle. Every day, they juggle work commitments with a busy social life, so efficiency, speed and simplicity are key.

The ultra-compact dimensions of Twizy Z.E. Concept (2.30m in length, and just 1.13m wide) ensure that it is nimble enough for urban use. The four-wheel arrangement, open bodywork and a seat format which puts the driver and passenger behind one another express Twizy Z.E. Concept's distinctive character.

For a practical and safe means of transport
For its occupants, Twizy Z.E. Concept represents a highly practical solution to the problem of urban mobility. With a turning circle of just three metres and a footprint barely larger than that of a scooter, Twizy Z.E. Concept is easy to park in town. At the wheel, easy, agile handling ensures that it rarely gets stuck in traffic, while the four wheels and low centre of gravity provide excellent stability.
A new era of all-electric mobility
Electric engine, how does it work?
With its futuristic, pearlescent white bodywork, Twizy Z.E. Concept clearly belongs to a new era of urban mobility. As opposed to a conventional car, the body colour wheel fairings are not spherical but octagonal, and cover the tyres entirely. Along with the pearlescent white and blue hub caps, they form a pleasing, harmonious design in which the wheels can no longer be seen rotating. Instead, the only visible movement is that of the hub caps, so Twizy Z.E. Concept appears to glide gracefully and silently, along the road.
Twizy Z.E. Concept is powered by a 15kW (20hp) electric motor. This develops 70Nm of torque, and combines comfort with responsive performance at all engine speeds. Twizy Z.E. Concept can accelerate at a similar rate to a 125cc bike, and pulls away briskly from standstill. With a top speed of 75kph, Twizy Z.E. Concept will also be in its element in suburban traffic."

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