Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lithium and REE: Frankfurt auto show goes Electric TNR.v, CZX.v, SQM, FMC, ROC, WLC.v, CLQ.v,, RES.v, LI.v, HAO.v, RM.v, ABN.v, DAI, TTM

Applications of this simple statement could transform our way of life dramatically. Once it was estimated that there will be need in maximum six computers in the world. When have you bought CD last time and paid for your mobile phone? Magnitude of this change in energy space will be even more dramatic socially and economically."

"BMW will unveil its new concept called Vision Efficient Dynamics and the German company is describing the car as 'its most innovative concept car ever'. The car is said to have a 'unique' powertrain, 'ground-breaking performance potential' and exo-skeletal style bodywork crafted from aerodynamic knowledge gained in Formula One.
The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics has a range of 31 miles when driving only on electric mode. Combined with the three-cylinder diesel engine this extends to a total possible distance between fill-ups and charges of 431 miles. Using a conventional domestic power source at 220 volts would result in the vehicle being fully recharged after 2.5 hours. Access to a slightly more powerful 380-volt source sees the charge time drop to 44 minutes."

"Not wanting to be left out of the modern craze for all things electric, Mercedes will be showing a hybrid concept car that uses a small three-cylinder turbo petrol engine as well as an electric motor and batteries.
Mercedes-Benz refers to the engine as a range extender, giving the E-CELL PLUS a range of 370 miles of which 62 miles can be electric only.
The car is just one of three concepts built around the same platform - the other two are pure electric and fuel cell-powered."

"The Renault ZE is 100 per cent electric and will depend on a network of recharging stations
The French car-maker Renault will try to jump the lights on its rivals tomorrow by announcing plans for a commercially viable, non-polluting "car of the future".
Renault and its Japanese subsidiary, Nissan, will reveal details of a range of all-electric cars capable of matching the price and performance of internal-combustion vehicles within two years.
At the start of the Frankfurt motor show, the president and chief executive of Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, will announce a €1bn (£870m) programme to develop four types of all-electric cars capable of travelling for 100 miles without re-charging their batteries. "We plan to be the world leader of the 'zero-emission', 100 per cent electric car," Mr Ghosn said yesterday."

"Buzz circulating the internet suggests that Volvo is gearing up to debut an all-electric C30 concept at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The car in question will reportedly by a hatchback which an anonymous source at Volvo speaks of here"

Indian electric car maker REVA will be unveiling two new models at the Frankfurt motor show next week.
First up is the REVA NXR - a 3-door hatch electric city car that seats up to four people. The model can be ordered from REVA directly from their stand at the Frankfurt show and production is set to begin early next year.
The second is the REVA NXG, an electric two-seat sport model that comes with a 'targa roof'. The NXG is slated for launch in 2011."

"Hyundai will showcase a new range of eco-friendly models and concepts in a specially created Blue Drive Zone at the 2009 IAA in Frankfurt, demonstrating its commitment to lowering emissions and improving the fuel economy of its vehicles. This represents the fifth model in a series of concept cars to be created by the Global Design Team in Namyang Korea, all hinting toward the design and technical future of Hyundai.
The second world debut for Hyundai in Frankfurt is the i10 Electric, a zero emissions urban commuter vehicle which will see limited series production begin in 2010 starting with the Korean market.
Powered by a 49kW motor and a 16 kWh battery, the i10 Electric promises a driving range of 160km and top speed of 130km/h and will initially be made available to government ministries, state corporations and utilities in the first stage."

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Announced Ahead of Frankfurt Debut

" This will debut with the Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept so you surely need to be at the ‘Green’ Toyota Camp in Frankfurt. The difference between a regular Prius and the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid is the ‘plug-in’ capability. Toyota now wants people to focus on the electric side of the Hybrid Drive Synergy by launching a commuter which is purely electric and can solely manage with electric power for daily, shot-distance, commuting. Following the Frankfurt debut, 150 fleet vehicles will be shipped to a select number of people whilst an extensive field trail will begin in Europe next year."

We’ve just finished discussing that the Toyota Camp at Frankfurt will be the place to be for it will debut to couple of impressive full Hybrid cars. The first one to be at the contingent will be the Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept which will be company’s first mainstream car deployed with full hybrid technology. Just for the record, full hybrid technology means that the commuter will be able to solely function on the electric engine or the combustion engine or a combination of both. There are not many details available about the electric commuter but what we are speculating is that the Auris too will be good enough to run short distances daily on the electric power for that is what HSD technology implies."

" Renault is charging towards an electric future! The latest teaser image from the French car maker previews four zero emissions concept cars that will be showcased at next week's Frankfurt Motor Show.Ranging in size from a small, two seater city car to a full size family saloon, these concepts represent Renault's first step into the fully electric car market. Although details are scarce the teaser image reveals an array of photovoltaic cells on the roof of three of the vehicles which will gather enegy to charge the battery.In an attempt to boost range the concepts will feature a lightweight construction and a low drag design. Speculation drawn from the teaser reveals that on some models the traditional high-drag wing-mirrors will be replaced with small video cameras.More details and official pictures will be announced as the Frankfurt Motor Show gets under way but don't expect to see these cars entering production until about 2011."
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