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TNR Gold Corp. Granted Eight Lithium Pegmatite Belt Licenses in Ireland/Commences Exploration Program TNR.v, CZX.v,, SQM, FMC, ROC, F, BYD, TTM

CS. When Lithium and REE exploration company goes Global, international investors are to follow.
" TNR Gold Corp. (TSX-V: TNR) is a minerals exploration company actively exploring a portfolio of properties worldwide for lithium and rare metals. TNR has a strategic balance of both pegmatite and brine projects - pegmatites with the advantage of presence rare metals such as tantalum and niobium, while brines offer the low-cost large scale production of lithium carbonate that will be increasingly important. TNR has secured over 292 squared kilometres of well-known pegmatite belt in Ireland, acquired a past producing tantalum mine area in Northwest Territories never tested for other rare metals, staked USGS-tested lithium brine properties in Nevada around the only current lithium brine producer in North America, acquired 120 squared kilometres of salt lake in Argentina, Mavis Lake, and other properties!"

As we have wrote before UK takes Electric Cars and Green Mobility revolution seriously:

"Now we have a better understanding why TNR Gold TNR.v is moving into Ireland with Lithium and REE exploration licences (pending for approval) - we have a flood of news from UK on Electric cars and Green Mobility "

We have a clear pattern of TNR Gold's strategy in place: to go for a previously discovered Lithium and REE mineralisation in areas with enough geological potential to become a substantial deposit in mining friendly countries. Go for what Majors want - previous success with Copper, Gold and Silver Los Azules discovery is a good example of a property developing into a deposit worth a few corporate battles and now Mr Gold Corp Robert McEwen is involved himself.

With Lithium and REE previous work was funded directly or via Majors by governments in the rush of a cold war and then properties were mostly abandoned once military needs were satisfied. Extensive data and even core from previous drilling programmes could be available on sites and it is as valuable in exploration as properties itself. REE market in the West was killed by China's pricing of hard rock mining and they have consolidated market after that. Now with Electric Cars and Green Mobility Revolution at our doorsteps Lithium and REE is a strategic commodity, when every government would like to have a certainty of supply and not to trade Oil dependence for Battery dependence. It is an opportunity to restart heavily indebted western economies and move it in the new high value added 21st century manufacturing space. UK is very active in this area with few projects announced in Electric cars, battery making and Hybrid cars production.

Next Big Thing - industrial revolution based on green mobility, brings potentially explosive move in Lithium and REE products pricing. Cost of Lithium in the battery is 3-5% and price could move substantially before affecting supply. Welcome to the Gold market back ten-fifteen years ago - with recent Gold price close to 1000 USD/oz Majors are mining deposits considered to be a dust with Gold price at below 300 USD/oz. Lithium price has moved already from 2000 level of 2000 USD/t of Lithium carbonate to over 6000 USD/t now with electric car fever just starting to get into mass media and economies still recovering from near death experience. Now in our investment play on Green mobility we have few uncertainties less: Electric cars are all over TV and newspapers and Lithium companies are rising all together as boats with a tide. Time is to choose the companies with strong management, solid projects and industrial backing. Go for what Majors want. In Junior sector it will be M&A game after all - who will be a consolidator and be ready to pay the money to buy time. While waiting for the Googles and Ciscos to emerge time is to dive into YouTubes.

Quality of projects, strong technical team and honest management with access to capital and clear focus on aggressive building of shareholders' value with first entry advantage will define the future winners.

Do we see it in TNR Gold? Certainly our money would like us to. Company fits the market in our "Zero to 1 billion matrix" Management is charged with mission importance and striking milestones on the way to the claimed "Global Lithium and REE exploration company." Market is accepting it and industry insiders are taking stakes along with insiders of the company. Canada Zinc Metals CZX.v has found some time and money to invest in the company between dealing with Chinese Tongling and Lundin Mining on its other projects, Byron Securities - the new prophets of hot Lithium and REE story are on board as well now.

Now it is your time to work, study and be critical. Where is your YouTube? We are writing the stories in development and whether it is Roxmark Mines RMK.v, Canada Zinc Metals CZX.v or others we would like them to be successful as our journey with Tenke Mining before. We are not in the investment business of decoupling fools and their money, we value everyone as an intelligent person who can make decisions for themselves, we do not give any advice and nobody will send us a bonus as part of the bailout from your taxes. Market will decide in the end on the winners: Obama can move it - not us, and our job is to start our stories where guys like him will come later, to find a good people, share with them a few bucks and energy and wait until years of hard work will become luck. If you would like to share our stories you are welcome as usual and keep your money for your kids.

"The Blackstairs Project is located in the Leinster Pegmatite Belt in the southeast of the Republic of Ireland, approximately 80 kilometres south from Dublin. Approximately nineteen pegmatite bodies spread over a length of 30 km along the eastern edge of the Leinster granite pluton make up this belt.TNR has applied for eight licenses (totalling 292 km2), which cover the belt. This process takes from 4 to 6 months to complete before fieldwork can begin. Lithium was first located during base metal exploration in the 1970s by Irish Base Metals Limited. Since then pegmatite exploration has expanded to include tantalum although niobium, tin, cesium and even gold anomalies have also been noted. Pegmatites in the Leinster Belt show a range of rare elements associated with them. The pattern of element distribution is consistent with successive enrichment and concentric zoning seen in pegmatites and illustrated in the diagram to the left. TNR intends to use this and other geochemical zonation as guide to ore and potentially additional pegmatite discoveries. Ireland has a lengthy history of mining and has attracted a number of major mining companies. It is recognized as a mining friendly jurisdiction. Access to the Leinster Pegmatite Belt is by a good road network used by nearby farming communities. Stream sediment sampling by the Geological Survey of Ireland in 1986 - 1990 identified a number of catchment areas within the license application that have tantalum anomalies. Since 2000, focus of exploration in the southern part of the license application -- south of Aclare, has been on tantalum. Outstanding recommendations from the last phase of exploration have yet to be acted on. In 1970, 885m of drilling in the Aclare pegmatite by Irish Base Metals Limited was used to calculate a "drill indicated" reserve. Difficulties with laboratory results suggested that the estimate may be significantly low, but there appears to be no documentation of later work to resolve the issue. Stranakelly was drilled with two holes in 1974 which intersected 1.4m of 2.34% Li and 5.5m of 1.6% Li. High tantalum values from a 7m pegmatite intersection in a trench were also reported, but poorly documented. Moylisha was drilled in 1976 with five holes. The most significant result in these was 9.5m of 1.66% Li. As with other pegmatites at the northern end of the belt, lithium occurs as lepidolite. TNR intends to re-establish data from previous drilling and determine where additional step-out drilling is possible. TNR has a team of experienced geological staff ready to apply pegmatite exploration methods proven in Canada to Irish targets."

"TNR Gold Corp. Granted Eight Lithium Pegmatite Belt Licenses in Ireland/Commences Exploration Program

Press Release
Source: TNR Gold Corp.
On Monday August 17, 2009, 7:37 pm EDT
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 17, 2009) - TNR Gold Corp. (TSX VENTURE:TNR - News; "TNR" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the successful completion of the granting process by the Irish government for eight licences to explore the Leinster Pegmatite Belt in southeast Ireland. Ireland has a well established and mining friendly history which has attracted a number of major mining companies. The areas covered by the licences total 292 square kilometers and are located in counties Carlow and Wicklow. Access to the licenced area is by a network of good roads across a rural, farming area.

The areas can be seen on the following map -

The receipt of the licences initiates the Blackstairs Lithium-Tantalum Project which will focus on evaluation of the approximately nineteen pegmatites that make up the Leinster Pegmatite Belt for lithium, tantalum and related rare elements. Lithium was first located in this area during base metal exploration in the 1970s, with at least three of the pegmatites drilled. Lithium occurs as both spodumene and lepidotlite with the latter mineral found more in the northern part of the belt.
Since the lithium exploration in the 1970s attention of subsequent explorers has focused on tantalum, particularly in the southern half of the belt. In addition, anomalous values in niobium, tin and cesium have been reported.
TNR plans an exploration program to confirm earlier drilling results, systematically evaluate all the pegmatite bodies for the full suite of potential minerals, and follow-up results and recommendations from earlier reconnaissance programs. An experienced geological team sourced from Ireland and Canada will apply pegmatite exploration methods proven in Canada to re-evaluate the Leinster Pegmatite Belt in Ireland.
Mr. John Harrop is the Company's qualified person on the project as required under NI 43-101 and has reviewed the technical information contained in this press release.
TNR is a diversified metals exploration company focused on identifying and exploring existing properties in Argentina and Alaska and new prospective projects globally. TNR now has a total portfolio of 32 projects, of which 16 will be included in the proposed spin-off of International Lithium Corp.
It is anticipated that TNR shareholders of record will receive one share and one full tradable warrant of International Lithium Corp. for every 4 shares of TNR held as of the yet determined record date. This will result in TNR shareholders owning shares in both TNR and International Lithium. For further details of the spin-off please refer to TNR's April 27, 2009 news release or visit;_ylu=X3oDMTE2NzI5M21iBHBvcwMyBHNlYwNuZXdzQXJ0Qm9keQRzbGsDaHR0cHd3d2ludGVy/SIG=11907bp0b/**http%3A//
The recent acquisition of lithium projects in Argentina, Canada, USA and Ireland confirms the Company's commitment to project generation, market diversity and building shareholder value.
On behalf of the board,
Gary Schellenberg, President"

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