Monday, August 17, 2009

Next Big Thing: Lithium may be a light metal, but it could be the next gold, speculators suggest TNR.v, CZX.v, FMC, ROC, SQM, F, DAI, TM, TTM, NSANY,

Who will be next Gold Corp in Lithium space?

Lithium sector is in a serious demand by media now: investors starved for real Bull after market collapse are ready to listen to the new ideas. Our Next Big Thing is passing its First phase into industry insiders' hot story.

The nature of Nevada based Lithium brines deposits is explained in recent:

"Replenishment of brines comes from surrounding Rhyolite, which are the most lithium rich in the world. Brines in the area have concentrations as high as 1000 ppm. Concentrations as low as 166 ppm have been used in lithium brine pool extraction methods." – Author.

The following two junior companies have brine deposits in Nevada.

Rodinia Minerals Inc RM:TSX.v

Jonathan Ratner, Financial Post Published: Saturday, August 15, 2009

The flurry of new interest surrounding lithium as the commodity of choice for a play on the emerging electric-car market has put several once-penny stocks on investors' radars. One such name is Rodinia Minerals Inc. (RM/TSX-VEN). The Vancouver-based company saw its shares jump more than 50% this week to above 65¢. It's up 1,100% in 2009. While the recent surge of interest is a result billions of dollars in subsidies for electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, rising demand for lithium-ion batteries in products such as laptops and cellphones has also helped. Rodinia has a brine deposit in Nevada, which Rick Mills at AheadoftheHeard.comsuggests might just be America's own Saudi Arabia for lithium. While the supply-demand situation for lithium is relatively balanced, if an electric-automotive industry is in fact developed, bulls on the light metal anticipate a supply shortfall in the future. At right, the Volt battery pack."
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