Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunridge Gold is on the move. SGC.v,, HUI, XAU,,

Something is baking on. Is it an M&A?

"Posted by Peter Grandich at 12:49 PM on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 Lots of inquiries about action today in Nevsun Resources. As you know this is a prime takeover candidate IMHO. The shares pulled back recently during the consolidation in gold and the umpteen no, new-news story of America’s political view on Eritrea. I had hoped this way overblown concern and gold weakness could bring Christmas early by allowing purchases at $1.40 or under U.S. We almost got our present.
Whether today’s latest rumor of takeover amounts to anything or not, I do believe barring a collapse in metal prices and/or a dramatic escalation of the friction involving Eritrea, a takeover of NSU is not if, but when. This is a superb project with a fantastic payback schedule.
If and when such a deal takes place, I suspect Eritrea can become a major area play given the tremendous exploration potential it has. Sunridge Gold (SGC-TSX.V $.40) is a natural “next-in-line” play with a strong package of projects. My belief, albeit prejudice due to the working relationship I have with SGC, is SGC becomes the next institutional/mining company darling in the area.
Stay tuned."

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