Wednesday, June 03, 2009

TNR Gold Corp. - International Lithium corp.: CEO outlines history, business model and strategy of the company. TNR.v, MAI.v,, ABX,, SQM,

Lithium, Rare Earth Elements, Gold and Copper is this Junior Next Industrial revolution play?
Now we can have more or less a full picture of TNR Gold's ambitions and abilities to reach them, CEO Mr Gary Schellenberg outlines history, business model and strategy of the company.:

Junior positions itself in our Junior Investment cycle with clear business model, aggressive strategy and strong portfolio. Company has exposure to Gold, Copper, Lithium and Rare Earth elements. Properties are stretched from Canada to USA and Argentina. Is it our "perfect" leveraged mixed to survive Kondratieff Winter? It is still very risky and very early stage of development, but market seems to be fine with it last couple of weeks: players are positioning themselves to be early in this Reinflation and Green Mobility revolution play. CEO disclosed among other things necessary technical expertise and ability to expand the team fast according to speed of development. He is hinting that company can solve its capital needs even in these "bad markets" and that he has found strong backers for his ideas.
International Lithium Corp. has all means to become part of our Next Big Thing with its "balanced portfolio" between properties with spodumene-bearing pegmatites with potential source of Lithium and such Rare Earth Elements as Tantalum and Niobium and properties with Lithium brines.
Interesting to see CEO comments on Los Azules and his "mile stone" of the deposit being in production within a few years time.
Company reveals the group backing recent resurgence and aggressive acquisition strategy in Lithium and Rare Earth Elements space - our value web is getting crowded with names in this Junior which is now around 20 mil market cap. Is it still the best kept secret among few insiders? We will find out soon how this company can get itself to the new level.
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