Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lithium Bull market - Canaccord is in the Lithium Race TNR.v, CZX.v, SQM, ROC, FMC, F, DAI, NSANY, BYD, TM, TTM, HUI, XAU, GOOG, RIMM, AAPL, FXI,

Obama just loves all Electric, could we also stop to be cynical and truly endorse the "Feel Good Investments Play" for real?

We will add to the list TNR Gold TNR.v and its coming spin out International Lithium Corp.: Canaccord must be modest not to mention this junior, while buying it from time to time - but no worry here, it must be its clients. Once they load up and TNR Gold will move forward its properties - place in this list is warranted in our opinion.

We like their way of thinking and it is important endorsement to Junior Lithium and REE market from the broker. You can still find undervalued companies even when industry insiders start to pump the hot market play. Do not forget to make your homework as usual on all companies.

"From an investor’s perspective, the goal is to own what China needs and China needs metals. And strategically, it could be easier for China’s state-owned corporations to fly under the radar and buy or take positions in smaller foreign corporations rather than their larger cousins. We return to our long-term thesis: own quality junior exploration and mining companies with superior projects. Canaccord Adams"

TNR Gold in its turn is getting on the radar screens and Company just announced another financing with Byron Securities involved, they are active in the market for a few days now on buying side and we will dig in what is it all about later.

"TORONTO, ONTARIO -- 08/05/09 -- Byron Capital Markets, a division of Byron Securities Limited, is pleased to introduce Dr. Jon Hykawy as our new Lithium Industry analyst.
Dr. Hykawy holds both a PhD in physics (1991, Manitoba) and an MBA (1997, Queen's) and has been working as a clean technologies/alternative energy analyst for the last four years. He entered the financial services industry in 2000, and originally worked as a technology analyst. He has studied the wind, solar and battery industries extensively. Specifically, he has conducted significant research in the areas of rechargeable batteries, ranging from rechargeable alkaline to Li-ion to flow batteries.
His current area of focus is the lithium sector, ranging from batteries to lithium availability/production. Lithium-ion batteries are the automobile industry's main focus for future vehicles, ranging from hybrids to fully-electric vehicles, owing to their high specific power, and levels of stored energy. Any meaningful adoption of Li-ion batteries will require increasing current production of lithium, as even low levels of adoption can significantly boost demand (even scenarios of low levels of adoption of mild hybrid vehicles suggest lithium demand could rise 30% by 2014).
We are very excited about the addition of Dr. Jon Hykawy to our team of professionals at Byron Capital Markets, and specifically about his future contributions to our efforts in the Lithium Industry space

From Canaccord:

Adding fuel to the fire. Lithium stocks have been on quite a roll of late and recent news bites from U.S. President Barack Obama are only going to help. While speaking to an audience in Wakarusa, Indiana, President Obama announced US$2.4 billion in grants to accelerate the manufacturing and use of next-generation car batteries and electric vehicles. "I'm committed to a strategy that ensures America leads in the design and the deployment of the next generation of clean-energy vehicles," Obama said. "This is not just an investment to produce vehicles today; this is an investment in our capacity to develop new technologies tomorrow."
Global Strategic Analysts predicts that the market for lithium-ion batteries is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 32% through 2010. And this growth rate could continue to climb with an increased demand for hybrid automobiles as lithium-ion batteries remain the only current viable solution with the cost of hydrogen infrastructure prohibitive for hydrogen fuel or hydrogen fuel cell technology. While the face of growth in lithium demand is clearly linked to economic activity due to its relation with the cell phone,computer battery and hybrid auto sub sector, the current economic slump could hinder demand for the most important usages (in terms of quantity used per unit) in the hybrid auto industry.
However, the slowdown should be transitory and the hybrid auto industry appears poised to develop into substantial industry, which should offset the maturity of the other two principal applications. The largest players in the sector are Soquimich (SQM), Chemetall (ROC), FMC Lithium (FMC), Admiralty Resources and Comibol (Bolivian government). Lithium-focused juniors include: Canada Lithium(CLQ), Western Lithium Canada (WLC), Lithium One (LI) and Rodinia Minerals(RM)."
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