Friday, October 26, 2012

Junior Miners - Prepare For a Great Bull Run!

  CS. Above is the Chart of The Relative Performance of Junior Gold Miners to Gold. With rising Gold price Junior Miners were sinking lower and lower. We could not agree more with the Presentation below - this Junior Market has hit the Highway To Hell, but it will be over one day and that day is close. We are at the very important resistance level on the chart above, when further rise in the Gold price will Ignite the Rally in the Junior Miners. The Bear market will claim a lot of companies - those who will never make it, but those who survive will consolidate the market and pick up the pieces for a dime on a dollar.

  Gene Arensberg, Editor of Got Gold report has put recent market for junior miners into the perspective and has prepared a great presentation. We will run our personal observation, hopefully for our mutual benefit as well.
  Nobody cares, Nobody is Buying - It Is The Best Time To Buy Junior Miners, but Only Ones that will Survive. Who will survive? It is time to dust off and Rub Your Own Crystal Ball and check what companies Insiders Are Buying - it can give you Some Indication where to spend more of your time.
  Call the company, listen to the story - if you Do Not Bother - send half of you money to Charity and keep the rest - you will be much better off. The Only Advise You Can Get From This Blog is on the right side of the page; and if you have spent less time making DD on the company you are going to Buy, than when last time you were buying your Flat TV - run away from the Buy Button.

  Talking about the flat TV and approaching Xmas Sales - It Is still an Enigma for us, that even after so many years, even for us here - it is still Always So Sweet To Chase the running up Stock, than to wait for the sign Sale. We do not like to offend any ladies reading us (usually they are much better long term investors), but some can say that you need to have some particular parts of you body in order To Act when it is necessary and Word seems to be Falling Apart again.
  Why do we Never rush to buy almost anything else rising in price, but stocks?! You can find a lot of Books on this one - yes you have to Read some Books - not just Internet Flash Instant Free information - it is Instant and Free. Take the advice you get with the same value you have paid for it. This Blog will qualify for the same quality - it is our Travel Book. In order to write Yours - you have to travel by Yourself. 
  Make Always you own DD, listen to the couple of Good Things and then make your move ... to the next page - we will continue to Share Our Own Stream of Consciousness.


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