Monday, October 15, 2012

Lithium Drive: New York Meets Tesla Model S

"This summer Model S stretched its legs for the first time and covered some serious ground from the San Francisco bay to the Big Apple. What roads will Model S travel next? With this kind of range and a full charge, this sedan is unstoppable! Stay tuned as Model S continues the journey, and offers the world a chance to see, drive and experience the car of the 21st Century."

We welcome ALL Electric Cars on our streets, but Tesla Motors is special - it shows us that the The Future Is Here Now!

Lithium Generation: AutoBlog In deep with Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Financials, Falcon doors and the Model S

Lithium Charge: Tesla Model S Performance test drive upfront and personal

"Get Amped! This is how it should be - upfront and personal. Green Mobility Revolution which is happening now. New Personal Freedom developed by the start up and not defined by the corporate rules. Dump The Pump - now you can do it. It is not for everyone yet - it is still too expensive, but it is the beginning. 

  Why Freedom and Electric Cars - what about the cords and plugs? Just have a look from another angle. If tomorrow someone will decide to switch off Oil supply - we are all done, No Alternatives, no mobility, no food, no services. Now think the unthinkable - what if it is your own government? It is very childish, but so many are still missing the point - we are all addicted to Oil, we are hooked on that needle - this is the way to control us.

  With Electric Cars we can seriously start to talk about the distributed energy generation, Solar, Wind - other alternatives. It is the time when the real Energy Security can be achieved for the country and also on the personal level. So all die hard fighters for personal freedom with guns and Drill Baby Drill mantra, maybe it is the time to reconsider - fossils are not only among the fuels."

Lithium Jolt: Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima Meets Electric Tesla Model S - Wants One

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