Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lithium Charge: Toyota PLUG-IN Championship

  Our devoted readers know why everything related to Toyota and Lithium is so important for us in our following the development of the Next Big Thing here. Now Toyota is launching the campaign in the social media to promote its Prius PLUG-IN, which is using the Lithium batteries. We like very much where Toyota is going now in our Lithium space - it is the largest successful producer of Hybrids in the world so far.

Lithium Brines Play In Argentina Is Back - Toyota Tsusho Buys Into Olaroz Deposit With Orocobre, ILC.v, RM.v

"CS. Lithium Brines Investment Play in Argentina is back and sold into the dust lithium junior miners are waiting to be picked up now. Despite all recent mumbling about the Electric Cars - as usual and as it has happened before - Toyota takes a very bold step to secure the supply of Lithium as strategic commodity for the next Industrial Revolution. Keep in mind always the big picture, what the real players are doing and not only what they are talking about here.
  Even if Toyota has announced recently that EVs are not being rolled out as fast as the most optimistic people involved, like us, have hoped, they did the same trick when first time bought a stake in Orocobre. They have announced that Lithium based technology is far from commercialisation at that time, ground the lithium juniors market and then bought a stake in Orocobre. Do not make any mistakes here - it is The Art Of War in its prime ongoing now in the fight to secure the supply of strategic commodities. Toyota has invested billions in Hybrid technology and is the most successful Hybrid maker - Prius Models are the largest number of sold Hybrids in the world by far now. And here is the twist - The New Plug In Prius is based on the Lithium battery, even if Toyota "does not believe in the mass market for pure EV now" - they know too well that Plug In is the next obvious step and you need a lot of Lithium for this transition from the early days battery technology. Plus do not forget about Toyota's stake in Tesla Motors and RAV4 EV powered by Tesla rolling out now. More."

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