Monday, October 29, 2012

Lithium - Electric Cars Made in USA: On 2012 Tesla Model S Production: 1,000 Bodies

  Different people will look at the same picture and will see very different things. We see proud people making the Future - Electric Cars on the American soil - Made in USA, when you can be proud again. Now we have 1000 Best Messages about the Alternative ready to go on the streets in the nearest future. Every Tesla Model S on the street will be telling the story that the life as we know it can be different: No Pollution, No Big Oil and their puppets, No Dangerous Fracking releasing cancerous chemicals in the underground water water. Now we have the Technology - Electric Cars - which allow you really to have a choice and not just participate in the Silly Season of Election Circus, but to vote with your wallet. By buying Electric Cars we refuse to finance further wars and terrorism with our money - our Taxes are already spent there. Now we just need to make many more Electric Cars, reduce prices of the Lithium Batteries with Volume and make the Generation III - Tesla Electric Car for the mass market.

Green Car Reports:

"Tesla Motors is often frustratingly opaque about the company's progress in getting its 2012 Tesla Model S electric sport sedan up to mass production.
Hard numbers come only from quarterly reports filed with the SEC--and sporadic tweets from Elon Musk, its CEO.
According to one of those tweets yesterday, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] built its 1,000th body shell for the Model S, presumably on or around Sunday, October 28."

Why Mitt Romney, Big Oil, and the Koch Brothers Do Not Like Electric Cars Made In USA?

 "We are out of politics, we just Do Not Like Lies in all forms. We are running Rock Against BS here - our small contribution to the humanity. We have our Heroes and you know them as well:

Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty.

   We think that, actually, it is the best AD campaign for the Electric Cars so far in the Mass Media. For the first time a lot of people will realise that there is an Alternative to the Oil Needle, and this Threat is so strong now that very big resources are dedicated to kill this Energy Transition Technology Made In USA and throw the country back into the Oil Swamp. 
  We all will be driving Electric Cars in the end - question is now not even when, but whether They Will All be built in China and Only Sold back to us here.

  The best approach will be just to dig it out for yourself and make your own opinion, as usual, we have some unproven theories below."

Lithium Rush: The Art Of War In The Markets: China Getting Ready For 5 Million Electric Cars by 2020

"China has the money, political will and the technology to leapfrog into the post carbon world. Oil is the geopolitical issue already and it will define the sharp edge between the state of War and Peace in the nearest future. As one very wise and honest  person has put it: "How to stop wars and terrorism? - Stop using Oil." We will paraphrase it here: How to Survive? - Stop using Oil - at least for transportation.
  Electric Cars produce the one life time opportunity for China now - do not get us wrong, not everything is driven by the ancient wisdom of "The Art Of War", but just look at what people are doing and not what they are talking about.  It is the most apparent situation  in the strategic commodities markets - Rare Earths are already controlled by ChinaGraphite is under the siege and Lithium is the next frontier. Despite all noise in the media, China is steadily implementing its 12th Five Year Plan - to build the new strategic industry based on Electric Cars.
  We hope, that China is transforming "The Art Of War" into the Art Of Survival for the benefit of all, but the Western world which is teared apart by the latest financial structural crisis is falling dangerously behind now."
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