Monday, July 09, 2012

Wireless Electric Car Charging: Now Through Your Tires and Concrete


  The next article provides another reflection on the next Industrial rEVolution in the making and technological shift. We do not know how EV technology will evolve with time. We can only state that once the subject of Cheap Oil reserves depletion - Peak Oil - and air pollution will be changed to the questions of lithium batteries' advance,  new power train technologies and new marketing of electric cars; we can rely on the very fast developments. Have you think before that Electric Cars can be actually charged during the highway part of the trip and how it can change the electric car proposition and Range Anxiety issue?

Lithium Batteries: Envia Systems - 400 Wh/kg is here! - Electric Cars with 300 Miles Range.

    "If we can marry Tesla's abilities and ambitions with new Lithium batteries for Electric Cars from Envia Systems we can have the US based mass market production base for the Electric Cars."

CNBC: Lithium - Big Money Banking on Bull Move in This Metal

 "Now CNBC is joining the Bloomberg and Barron's with our Next Big Thing - Electric Cars and strategic commodities to make it happen - Lithium, REE and Graphite. Big players must have been already positioned themselves at the Sector Low and waiting for the general public to wake up with Tesla Model S in the headlines. You still have the luxury of building your own collection with Lithium Juniors, which are in a  depressed state of the mind today."


"Many electric car owners consider the debate over charging points all a bit of a fuss.
After all, when the majority of your driving is between home and the office, then charging at one of those two locations will usually suffice. The presence (or otherwise) of chargers at rest stops or spread through your town is a non-issue.

Naturally, not everyone feels the same, and for those who'd like to have their electric car cake and eat it too, it would be nice to do longer distances. Wireless charging is just one of those technologies dedicated to improving longer-distance electric car charging, and one Japanese company thinks you might be able to charge through your tires...

The EVER project (Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway) shown on, allows electric cars to charge through four inches of concrete--like that used on a typical road--with the vehicle's tires picking up the charge as it rolls along.

As with other wireless electric car charging prototypes it uses wireless field technology, with one element creating a field and the other completing a circuit. In this case, that means a metal plate under the concrete roadway, and steel belts in the tires receiving the charge.
The team's demo doesn't work on the sort of charge that would be required to top-up an electric car--in fact, it was just enough to power a lightbulb--but the demonstration with real concrete and real automobile tires proves the system can work.

Less than 20 percent of the transmitted power is lost, making it surprisingly efficient.
There are hurdles of overcome of course, including ensuring it works at higher power outputs, and then the small issue of developing a road network to support it, but EV fans are used to these sort of blue-sky ideas by now. Many ideas are shown, few are chosen, but anything with a realistic chance of working has a realistic chance of being adopted one day.

And from a utopian perspective, anything that allows electric vehicles to charge without having to stop looks pretty good..."

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