Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PandoMonthly Presents A Fireside Chat With Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors

Sarah Lacy talked to Elon Musk of Tesla Motors and SpaceX during PandoMonthly and went into detail on what other entreprenuers should do while raising venture capital, why he isn't going to be doing another Internet startup, his thoughts on CleanTech, the launch of SpaceX, and finally, his plans for the future.

Lithium Catalyst: First Drive: Tesla's Model S electric is spectacular

"Tesla Model S has received a lot of very excited reviews from major trend setters in the auto sphere and now every single Tesla on the road will carry the message that the world has changed and there is no way back. Era of 19th century technology driven by controlled explosions under the hood is coming to an end."

The Wall Street Journal: Tesla Model S Electric Sedan - It’s a Spaceship!

"Dan Neil writes a very excited review for Tesla Model S: "it’s a spaceship" - and it could be yours now. it is not cheap to join the first adopters' ranks, but Tesla Generation III promises Electric Cars for masses."

Lithium Drive: Tesla Motors Spotlight: Brand Strategy & Marketing

"We have the rEVolution happening in auto industry in front of our eyes now. Tesla is breaking the spell about Electric Cars and making the process of car sale completely different experience."

Lithium Drive: 2012 Tesla Model S First Drive Video -- Inside Line

"This is the main point of Tesla Models S - Electric Car that is better than luxury conventional car - To Break The Spell. You do not need to sacrifice anything in order to drive electric car with Tesla - you do not need to be a nerd or "crazy tree hugger"to appreciate it  - extreme is only in its performance and technology powering it."

Lithium Drive: Driving the 2012 Tesla Model S - Wide Open Throttle Episode 22

  Tesla Models S is much more than just Lithium battery on wheels!

Peak Oil: Reporter - The end of the Oil Age

CNBC: Lithium - Big Money Banking on Bull Move in This Metal

"Now CNBC is joining the Bloomberg and Barron's with our Next Big Thing - Electric Cars and strategic commodities to make it happen - Lithium, REE and Graphite. Big players must have been already positioned themselves at the Sector Low and waiting for the general public to wake up with Tesla Model S in the headlines. You still have the luxury of building your own collection with Lithium Juniors, which are in a  depressed state of the mind today."
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