Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lithium Drive: First Look at Audi's A3 E-Tron - Wide Open Throttle

   Despite of rumours that Audi will not be introducing electric cars any time soon, we can see Audi A3 e-tron test fleet on the roads. Germany was taking the slow start in battery electric space, after spending billions on hydrogen fuel cells technology, but moving very fast now. BMW i electric cars are making its world wide tour this year before the launch in the next year and Daimler Benz has introduced Smart EV and making power trains with Tesla motors for its other electric cars.

Lithium Drive: BMW i Born Electric Tour Makes First Stop in Rome

"BMW is moving forward with its Electric Cars: BMW i8 can gain some traction in luxury sector in Europe in 2013 before Tesla Model S will arrive and BMW i3 can be the first mass produced Electric Car made using carbon fiber in order to reduce weight and cost of the battery necessary to achieve the same range vs normal cars made of steel."

Lithium Catalyst: Live Video of Tesla Model S Launch - Responsible Luxury With 265-mile Range

   "This is The Future - we can still chose it. We can still share this Energy and Drive, we can chose stop the wars, stop funding of terrorism and Dump the Pump! As one very wise and honest  person has put it: "How to stop wars and terrorism? - Stop using Oil."  
  History is happening in front of our eyes today - Tesla Model S first Electric Car, which is actually better than conventional car in the same pricing category, is coming into the mass production. In order to be responsible  to your own future and contribute to the next Technological rEVolution you do not have to sacrifice any safety, comfort or performance! Forbes yesterday has pronounced "Tesla Model S: "If Apple Made A Car, This Would be It" - we were calling for it for years!

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