Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The LIBOR Rigging Scandal And What Else Is A Fraud In Our Financial System?

"More and more news about manipulations of the different markets is coming to the surface now. It is too wide spread to conceal it any more. All markets are rigged: LIBOR, Gold, Silver - PPT is holding the market's breath every time at the crucial technical points. Crime of the century - Naked Short Selling will be next to finally turn this scam to the light of day. Goldman Sachs has managed to get to the front row in this dirty game as well."

LIBOR, Gold and Silver Market Manipulations: Please Meet The Next Headline - "Naked Short Selling"

Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing - Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling'

The Price Of Gold Has Been Manipulated. This Is More Scandalous Than Libor - Is Naked Short Selling Next?

  "We continue our quest into the market manipulation universe, finally, mainstream is paying attention. LIBOR, Gold, Silver - what will be next now? Will it bring Naked Short Sellers into the hot place as well? Couple of whistle blowers can ignite now the huge rally in totally beaten into the dust mining juniors."

Business Insider: Everyone Is Passing Around This 'Whistleblower' Letter Claiming To Know About Market Manipulation At JPMorgan

"With today's news from JP Morgan the old article from Business Insider is taking the new context at least - what revelations will be next now? JP Morgan's name is all over the place with the recent scandals - we can not tell yet that it will become the "Next Lehman moment" which will unleash QE3 - but company's involvements in MF Global bankruptcy, PFG bankruptcy, Trading Loss Revelations and today's announcement about "cooking the books" are not leaving any room for "error".

The History Of Money And Why US Dollars Are Issued By Private Bank - Federal Reserve System

  "We are at the very important point in the history of the modern financial system. The recent events in Europe  are no less than ground-changing historical  development and the magnitude of it will be understood only many years later. European countries are giving up their Sovereignty in order to save the Euro zone. Now the history of money will be your guide to the new order, when the New Normal will be transformed into the New World Order. 
  Private FED manipulates all markets now and has the right at its own discretion to increase the FED rate at any moment, which will increase all interest rates in a chain: mortgage payments, car loans, student loans, credit card loans, business loans etc. Should FED decide to stop monetary expansion at some point: QEn+1 and Twists - yields on the Treasuries will explode. U.S. is at the total mercy of the unelected managers running the private bank. You would think: who can do such a thing, which will bring a total collapse to the world economy - watch the movies to get your own answer. The idea to buy the assets for pennies on the dollar can be irresistible again."

Europe Is One Step Closer To The End Game - New World Order

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order" 
David Rockefeller
Watch the movies End Game and Fall Of The Republic. 

  Europe is done now. New European Order is here - what is the Next Step? In one sentence - Keep your Freedom - Dump the Pump and Buy Gold. In the big picture you will have to study and think - to separate the truth and reality. This movie gives a very interesting context for the recent European events - what do they really mean for the future of Europe?
  Maybe the movie is too heavy - it is really about everything...but history is there, you just need to find it out, learn and make your own conclusions about what is true. FED, Eugenics, State Control - Facebook, Google, iPhones - we are happy to tell everybody about us, somebody knows everything what we are searching for and our location is reported literally every minute. 
  Conspiracy theory will not be the real conspiracy without President Kennedy - has he tried to return the Right to issue the U.S. Currency to the U.S. Government?

"Executive Order 11110 was issued by U.S. President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963.
This executive order delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the president's authority to issue silver certificates under the Thomas Amendment of the Agricultural Adjustment Act."

  By the way, President Lincoln has tried it before:

"Despite strong opposition, President Lincoln signed the First Legal Tender Act,[8] enacted February 25, 1862, into law, authorizing the issuance of United States Notes as a legal tender—the paper currency soon to be known as "greenbacks." In his correspondence, Lincoln credited Edmund Dick Taylor for his suggestion of the greenback currency, and named him "Father of the Greenback."

  Unfortunately for all of us, somebody did not like the idea of U.S. currency to be issued by U.S. Government and we have what we have now - US Dollar issued by privately owned bank called Federal Reserve System.

  It is not about George W Bush with his Family of Secrets or Barrack Obama - it is about the system. You know how President Obama is tough to the Wall Street on the TV: here is another movie to connect the dots - Goldman Sachs was the second largest contributor to Barrack Obama in 2008 elections, with JP Morgan, CitiGroup, UBS and Morgan Stanley among the Top 20 contributorsMitt Romney knows Goldman Sachs as well - according to Ventura this bank manages Mitt Romney's blind trust and Goldman Sachs is the largest contributor to his campaign among other banks.

  We are out of politics, but if you are still an adept of Efficient Market Theory you should better watch at least these couple of movies - it could be your best investment this year. Question is not what is right or wrong there, but that you can start question things around you."
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