Sunday, July 01, 2012

Peak Oil, a new short animation

Peak Oil: Reporter - The end of the Oil Age

German Army Peak Oil Study - Within 10 Years Oil Shortages May Collapse Global Economy

"Now you can check our progress towards the brick wall. As you already know, the recent nosedive in the markets and economic indicators is the reflection of the Oil price above 100 dollars. FED is not controlling the economic cycle any more - Oil does. FED and all other central banks now will backstop the insolvent financial system and provide liquidity in order to control "the run on the banks", consequence will be the explosion of our Mega Trend: Peak Oil  multiplied by Inflation."

Richard Heinberg - Energy & Peak Oil, The Bigger Picture

Oil Shock - There's No Tomorrow.

  "This animation deserves to be posted one more time. Post Carbon Institute has produced a brilliant documentary "There Is No Tomorrow", which we highly recommend to watch everybody. You can personally judge our progress now."

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