Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lithium Drive: Electric Cars are on the rise, at least in 16 Leading Cities

  Amid doom and gloom the new industrial rEVolution is taking place now. Tesla Model S represents the dramatic change and is breaking the spell about electric cars. Only a few models of electric cars are available today and prices are still very high, but already more and more of different EVs are on the streets. Catalyst will come with Lithium batteries providing the better range and when you can actually lease the battery - like in case with Renault in Europe. It will reduce the entry point for electric cars and will keep all worries about the lithium batteries covered by the auto maker.

The Wall Street Journal: Tesla Model S Electric Sedan - It’s a Spaceship!

Dan Neil writes a very excited review for Tesla Model S: "it’s a spaceship" - and it could be yours now. it is not cheap to join the first adopters' ranks, but Tesla Generation III promises Electric Cars for masses.

Lithium Batteries: Envia Systems - 400 Wh/kg is here! - Electric Cars with 300 Miles Range.

 "If we can marry Tesla's abilities and ambitions with new Lithium batteries for Electric Cars from Envia Systems we can have the US based mass market production base for the Electric Cars."

Lithium Catalyst: Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Half Of New Cars Will Be Electric In 15-20 Years!

"Antony Ingram reports on the very ambitious predictions by Elon Musk about the Electric Cars future. Tesla Model S is in the headlines this week after its launch and Elon Musk knows what he is talking about - breaking the spell that Electric Cars are not as good as the conventional ones. Tesla Model S is up to this task - next step is the cheaper Electric Cars which can bring the real mass market."
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