Monday, November 07, 2011

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Lithium Drive: Meet the The StreetScooter - $7,000 EV with a 74 mph top speed and an 80-mile range. 

  "We have another game changer for the electric cars mass market in the making. Meet the The StreetScooter ... a $7,000 EV with a 74 mph top speed and an 80-mile range. You will have to lease the lithium battery - as we can see on the Renault example - it can be the way forward in order to bring the initial cost of EV ownership down. But $7,000 price tag? Is it too good to be true? We will monitor the situation.

  Today we can only say, that once the problem of Oil addiction will be moved into the technology space - new ideas, technology advance and creative marketing approach will bring the fast progress to this market place."

Lithium Drive: Electric Cars - Hangover after the Oil Party and The Tipping Point

"It will be very difficult to break our addiction to Oil - Hangover after the Oil Party will be very strong. Nobody will give it up easily - Energy Transition will be painful, but it is the only way out. We are already late, but we still have the chance. At stake are billions of dollars and millions of lives. Now with the advance in Lithium batteries we have the economically viable technology to survive in the post carbon world. With everything happening so fast with technology in the Electric space we think that we are at The Tipping Point for the Electric Cars now to become the serious mass market game changer in the auto market.

  Why Electric Cars? Why is it called the Internet with another Zero? What is Peak Oil and Why there is NO more cheap oil out there left? What do we need to make it happen? Where is the generation investment opportunity in this Energy Transition? Why is China ahead of the game already?

  We will give you a few quotes and links in one place to follow our logic here. It is not the future - it is happening now and we all can vote with one electric car and charger at a time, spread the word and join the movement. Dump the pump."

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