Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Peak Oi: Jim Puplava with Chris Nelder–The Time for Energy Transition Is Now 

"We do not have a lot of headlines on the IEA dire predictions about the $150 dollar Oil and Irreversible Climate Change these days, but it does not mean that smart people are not taking notice. Oil is above $100 again these days and Jim Puplava came out with another brilliant interview on the recent IEA revelations and Peak Oil situation. We are very pleased and surprised to hear that U.S. Military is at the forefront of Energy transition and will try to find out more on this progress. Maybe U.S. Military will be able to crack down on the Oil lobby in U.S. finally?"

We like the Energy here:

"We are CODA and we believe in positive energy. And we believe that we are all in this together. As a company. As an industry. As a generation.

Oil dependency is killing our planet, our economy, and our kids. So we built a battery that makes positive energy more affordable. And around the battery, we built a car, a company and a brand.

A car that drives better than an old combustion model. A company that serves better than an old automaker. And a brand that means more than old brands.

We are all in this together.

Not to sell a couple of cars and pose as a smart inventor, But to put an electric car in every garage in the world. Until then, we won't stop.

And to make it happen quicker, we need groups of friends. We need families. We need companies. We need towns and countries.

We need groups of individuals that will see us not as a necessary compromise, But as a true technology breakthrough. So if drivers are unsure, we will make things easier for them. If society needs a push, we will inspire and lead. If our technology can improve, we will hire brighter minds.

History proves that a team of absolutely committed people can cause a global change. It's our turn. And our responsibility.

Let's make it happen"

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