Sunday, August 21, 2011

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  We have the first reviews on Fisker Karma coming out and it is very interesting to see who is backing the company - one of the Silicon Valley powerhouses - venture company KPCB.

"Ray Lane is a Managing Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, focused on helping entrepreneurs with technological and market insight, organizational development, team building, selling and managing growth. Since joining KPCB, Ray has sponsored several investments for the firm in enterprise and consumer technology, as well as clean and alternative energy. These companies include Ausra (solar concentrator), GreatPoint Energy (coal to gas conversion), Fisker Automotive (plug-in hybrid car), Th!nk NA (electric car), Luca Technologies (biologically enhanced gas recovery from fossilized hydrocarbons), Xsigo Systems (virtual I/O switch for datacenters), SpikeSource (open source platform for integration and testing), MEVIO (social media network), Vertica Systems (data warehousing solutions) and Elance (marketplace for services). He serves as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Hewlett-Packard. He also serves on the board of Quest Software."

Ray Lane has claimed that the Energy Transition will present the investment opportunity larger than Internet in 90s. Smart money is already in this game now.

"Lithium and Rare Earths: Aljazeera: The global race to grab a share of rare earth metals in Central Asia has begun. We have another article from Aljazeera on the Energy Transition issues we are following here, which is widely quoted on the social web these days. The previous one was about Peak Oil and looming shortage of available Oil Supply with growing Demand in the emerging world. This time we have an opinion on Strategic Metals and Critical Materials for the Energy Transition. It is the case when who is righting is more important than the depth of the research on the subject: Rare Elements, Rare Metals (including Lithium) and Critical Materials are all mixed together. The wide spread quoting of the article will spur more interest on this crucial subject and potential investors will find plenty information in depth on all these  different investment opportunities on the web these days."

 "Lithium Drive: Fisker Karma. Pure Driving Passion. Fisker Karma is rumping up its promotion campaign - the best news will be the first delivery of this ultimate marketing machine for the Electric Cars market. This car will be turning heads on the streets and can become an important transit vehicle before further advance in Lithium batteries will make the Range Extended Hybrids obsolete. Now it will give a piece of mind against Range Anxiety - you will be able to enjoy its luxury as an Electric Car for everyday commute and still hit the road on your way to Las Vegas. We have the very interesting statistic for Chevy Volt owners with an average drive of 1000 miles between visits to the gas stations."
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