Sunday, August 21, 2011

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  This is the very smart move on the part of Ford and Sun Power. Pricing will be crucial, but it is the move in the right direction. Buyers of the Electric cars will be interested in the alternative energy sources and this move could drive both markets. The game changer will be the implementation in U.S. of the Renault scheme with Lithium batteries leased to the buyers and combined tax rebates on Electric Cars and Solar panels, when everything is sold as the one package and with a turn key installation.

"There are no excuses any more to continue our unsustainable energy diet based on the fossil fuels. Electric Cars are the reality today and the only economically viable alternative to the oil addiction, which can be implemented within next few years. 
"Lithium Charge: Electric Car demand expected to jump-start lithium stocks.  In this article we have almost all credible Lithium investment universe. Always keep in mind that analysts are promoting the companies, which they have business with and which was financed by the house they are working for. Otherwise, Jonathan LEE and David Talbot are talking about the right names and it is very encouraging, that they are bullish on Lithium demand and particularly now we can see the serious promotion of all lithium plays. Byron Capital was one of the first to put Lithium on the investors' radar screen and now Dundee Capital is expanding this mega trend introduction to the market place. We are doing the same here and writing about stocks we are interested in and having a position. General bullishness in Lithium sector should move the new names to the radar screen as well. Almost all Lithium juniors were under pressure for the last 6-8 months and will be coming strong now into the Fall with return of the risk trade. You have plenty to chose from based on your DD and risk profile: from major producers - to the more risky development plays.
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