Friday, November 13, 2009

TNR Gold / International Lithium Exhibits at San Francisco Hard Asset Conference & Attends 5th Annual Rare Earth Elements Conference in Hong Kong

"Lithium batteries have become an industry standard for Electric Cars, with billions invested in research, development and production facilities lithium-ion storage energy systems becomes an anchoring technology for the next stage of innovation in green mobility. Better place and Renault-Nissan approach allows to break the cost factor of entering electric space: batteries will be leased, standardised and can be easily swap on switching stations. It will not be a solution for all Electric Cars, but it could be the solution for the mass market for electric cars. Next stage will be the secured lithium supply - with this approach more batteries will be needed than cars in the fleet."

3. International Lithium speaks at LSM10 : Lithium Supply & Markets (Invitational) January 26-28, 2010 Las Vegas, USA

TNR Gold is lining up a serious promotional roadshow just before the spin out of International Lithium Corp. We guess that time for accumulation at these levels will be over soon. Company has built an impressive "balanced" portfolio of properties with Lithium Brines, Hardrock Lithium projects with Rare metals and Rare Earth Elements properties. First round of exploration confirmed high grade lithium on a number of properties already and three Nevada Lithium Brine properties has moved the company under the spotlight as a U.S. homeland Nevada regional Lithium exploration and development play. What will happen next - can we talk about Department Of Energy (DOE) money to develop the properties down the road or fast playing Chinese will take a piece of action after Canada Zinc Metals acquisition? We have more questions now, than answers and it will be important to hear it from the company itself - time is to tell the story to the market place. Please do not consider our thoughts as an investment advise, as usual, and do your own DD:

TNR Gold / International Lithium Exhibits at San Francisco Hard Asset Conference & Attends 5th Annual Rare Earth Elements Conference in Hong Kong

Vancouver B.C.: TNR Gold Corp. ("TNR" or the "Company") and wholly-owned International Lithium Corp. ("ILC") are pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Hard Assets Investment Conference being held at the San Francisco Marriot Hotel on November 21-22, 2009.

Mr. Gary Schellenberg, CEO and Chairman of TNR, extends an invitation to visit us at Booth #420. The Company will be providing exploration and corporate updates on all of its properties specifically the recent acquisitions of lithium, other rare metals and rare earth elements projects in Argentina, Canada, USA and Ireland.

The Company will also be attending the 5th International Rare Earths Conference in Hong Kong being held on November 17-19, 2009. This conference is an international event for the global rare earths industry and last year attracted a record number of participants, representing all the major producers, end-users, traders, investors and investment funds.

About TNR Gold Corp. / International Lithium Corp.

TNR is a diversified metals exploration company focused on exploring existing properties and identifying new prospective projects globally. TNR has a total portfolio of 33 properties, of which 16 will be included in the proposed spin-off of International Lithium Corp.
It is anticipated that TNR shareholders of record will receive up to one share and one full tradable warrant of International Lithium Corp. for every 4 shares of TNR held as of the yet determined record date. This will result in TNR shareholders owning shares in both TNR and International Lithium. For further details of the spin-off please refer to TNR's April 27, 2009 news release or visit
The recent acquisition of lithium, other rare metals and rare earth element projects in Argentina, Canada, USA and Ireland confirms the company's commitment to generating projects, diversifying its markets, and building shareholder value.
On behalf of the board,
Gary Schellenberg

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