Friday, October 16, 2009

TNR Gold Corp (TSX.V: TNR) CEO Interview TNR.v, CZX.v,,, RES.v, QUC.v, WLC.v, CLQ.v, LI.v, RM.v, SQM, ROC, FMC, BYDDY, DAI, BMW, NSANY,

Why All the Fuss over Rare Earths?
"Rare earth elements (REEs) have been the mystery metals of the mining world for years. Now, suddenly, everyone’s heard about them."

Investing in Lithium and REE markets:

TNR Gold Corp (TSX.V: TNR) CEO Interview
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"TNR Gold Corp is a Canadian project-generating company with projects worldwide. Recent acquisitions of lithium and Rare earth projects has kept TNR on the leading edge of commodity trends. The company has an impressive portfolio of 16 Li and REM projects world wide that are held in it’s subsidiary International Lithium Corp. TNR intends on obtaining a public listing of Internation Lithium during Q1,2010 . In Argentina TNR holds 15precious and base metal projects of which 12 are joint ventured with funding partners. These projects range from early stage to defined resources – Los Azules being one of the largest copper discoveries in recent history with a43-101 compliant resource of 11.2 billion pounds of copper and NPV of $2.9Billion. TNR retains a 25% conditional back in on certain properties that make up a portion of this resource. Shareholders can expect to capitalize on TNR with the unique proven history and capabilities of management that own over 50% of the company. Management has a proven track record and have been instrumental in the orchestration of multi billion dollar takeovers."
TNR Gold Corp(TSX.V: TNR) Gary Schellenberg, CEO

Main topics discussed:

TNR Gold Corp. Acquires Large Rare-Earth Elements Target in Ontario
REE explained

International Lithium Corp.

Los Azules

"Peeyush Varshney, Chairman and CEO of Canada Zinc Metals, commented, "This strategic investment into TNR and its proposed spinoff subsidiary, International Lithium Corp, will give our shareholders diversification into the growing opportunities that rare metal industries are offering. Furthermore, the investment gives us an interest in TNR's stake in the significant Los Azules copper project in Argentina."


Another spin-off is coming after International Lithium Corp. : "We believe a well structured spin-off company would be better suited to raise capital for projects of this magnitude." TNR Gold PP

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