Sunday, November 15, 2009

Electric cars mass market: A New Kind of Car Company TNR.v, CZX.v, NSANY, BYDDY, RNO, FMC, ROC, SQM, WLC.v, LI.v, RM.v,, RES.v, QUC.v, F, DAI,

"Nissan Electric Leaf is coming, it is close and they know how to tell the story: ambitions will match the budget and geopolitical implications will make the money flow - the bottleneck will be where you can not print it: Lithium and REE will be among strategic class of commodities like oil now."

With Nissan Leaf on North American tour and International Lithium on its roadshow we decided that it is time to find out new innovative companies which are working already to make Green Mobility revolution happen. We do not invest in this company and even warn you to be very careful with OTC market in U.S., which is much less strictly regulated than Venture TSX in Canada - we stay with our Lithium and REE plays, but success of green mobility depends on hundreds of small innovative companies which will bring new ideas to electric cars and infrastructure development. Mass market will not happen without major players and that is why Nissan Electric Car awareness promotion is so important, but smaller players will bring to the market necessary adaptation, geographical and product diversity in use of lithium-ion technology for electric vehicles.

Company Video

EVCARCO is a new idea in the way we drive today.
We’re a forward thinking company focused on making a difference in the world.
Our mission is to bring you a wide selection of the world’s best environmentally friendly vehicles available.

We’re the first automotive retail group dedicated to deploying a coast-to-coast network of eco-friendly dealerships and vehicles.

We have alternative fuel vehicles, plug-in electric cars, hydrogen fuel injection cars, and hybrid systems from well-known auto makers and eco-friendly car makers you haven’t heard of…yet.
We bring to market the most advanced clean technologies available, and are on the cutting edge of alternative fuel vehicles. We offer both new and pre-owned. In fact, we’re dedicated to finding the very best eco-friendly vehicles on the market.
Based in Fort Worth, Texas, EVCARCO plans to open showrooms in 20 new markets across the nation in the next 24 to 48 months and offer their business model as a franchise opportunity.

By offering you a wide selection of environmentally friendly vehicles both online and at dealerships around the U.S.– it’s easy to make a choice for a greener world.
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