Wednesday, November 25, 2009

US Dollar collapse and shocking truth about the Fed TNR.v, RMK.v, BVG.v, EPZ.v, ASM.v, RVM.v, VTR.v,, AMM.v, CGP.v, SGC.v, KTN.v,

Once Jay Taylor adds TNR Gold to his Watch List we made some research on his track record and investment approach with foundation in Austrian school of economics. We bet that a lot of readers still will be shocked to find out that at the core of recent US Dollar collapse and financial mess lies Federal Reserve fractional reserve money creation system and that Federal Reserve Bank itself does not belong and is not controlled by the government of USA.

"Austrian Economic Theory
Austrian economic theory is the only school of economic thought that advocates a truly free market system. Other schools of economic thought advocate free market economics to a degree but fall short of advocating a market-based, rather than fiat, monetary system. Throughout history, whenever markets were free to choose what was used for money, they chose gold or silver. And in fact, America’s Founding Fathers wrote into the U.S. Constitution that our money was to be comprised only of gold and silver. Unfortunately, as reported in The Creature from Jekyll Island, a handful of very wealthy international bankers gained control of the United States monetary system when they cleverly induced the U.S. Congress to abdicate its responsibility to coin money from gold and silver and to hand over monetary authority to the Federal Reserve Bank, which is owned by private banking interests. The branch of the Fedederal Reserve Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank itself, is owned and controlled by large international banking interests and not by the U.S. government. The person who is seen as “The Fed” namely is Chairman, is a figure head whose job it is to pretend the Fed is looking out after the interests of the common man. In fact, these international banking interests care not one wit about the sovereign interests of the United States or of your own well being as a U.S. citizen. An understanding of this is necessary if you are to understand how and why the Feds actions do not match its words. Above is a chart that illustrates the ownership of the Fed as last reported in 1994.

With these major banking interests now having control over the Fed, the above noted ruling elites are in a position to enrich themselves even further at your expense by printing as much money as they can so long as they can keep you believing everything is alright. Keep that in mind the next time you hear Ben Bernanke or another Federal Reserve official telling you not to worry about sub-prime loans or America’s growing trade deficit. Keep that in mind now as Mr. Bernake talks as if he is fighting inflation while M-3 money supply is growing at 13+%! The Fed, which is controlled by the above noted special corporate interests is free to print as much money as they like as long as Americans remain oblivious to the damage being done to our currency and as long as we continue to buy the paper products (Stocks and bonds) the Federal Reserve system creates. The ruling elite are taking care of themselves by printing money which leads to declining purchasing power of your wages and salaries. An unholy alliance between the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government has not only resulted in bankers and government robbing Americans of their wealth, but by printing enormous amounts of money, creating major global monetary imbalances, and inducing the Austrian economics concept of “mal investment,” as seen during the dot-com bubble and more recently the American housing bubble. Austrian theory holds that this expansion of the money supply is leading to growing rates of inflation that will ultimately culminate in a horrendous deflationary depression, not unlike what is projected by the work of Nikolai Kondratieff and Ian Gordon. We subscribe to Austrian economics which is consistent with Kondratieff’s theory. Adhering to Austrian economic theory has been the key to our ability to “beat the street.”What the Austrian economists propose, as well as what our Founding Fathers wrote into law in the U.S. Constitution, is a monetary system that cannot be corrupted by the political interests of government and the selfish greed of bankers—in other words, a monetary system comprised of gold and silver. Since we do not have such a system, our job is to help you protect yourself as much as possible by helping you opt out of the paper system and into commodities that these ruling elite are not able to endlessly produce. Items such as gold, silver base metals and energy products have enabled us to “beat the street” by a wide margin. We may not be able to do anything about the current political mess in America, but we can protect ourselves and help you do the same by owning hard assets.
What Kondratieff cycle theory suggests (it is also consistent with Austrian theory) is that no matter how hard policy makers at the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury try to overcome the natural laws of economics by printing money, ultimately they will fail and we will get the Kondratieff winter depression or hyper inflation. Austrian economics and the Kondratieff cycle are the basic theories upon which our Model Portfolio is constructed. As noted above, since 2000, it has served our subscribers very well."
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