Monday, October 05, 2009

Lithium and REE. CNBC reports: Brammo Electric Powercycle - Join the Revolution. TNR.v, CZX.v, SQM, ROC, FMC,, WLC.v, CLQ.v, RES.v, RM.v, LI.v,

We will not be surprised that in the end most Demand for Lithium and Ree will come in the form of electric scooters from places like China and India. CNBC continues to spot light Electric mobility for investors.

Mon. Oct. 5 2009 09 15 00 ET
Brammo is the first company to mass produce an electric motorcycle, and the vehicle even qualifies for a 10 percent federal income tax credit.

The designers of the Enertia focused on eliminating elements that contribute to the intimidation sometimes associated with traditional motorcycles and instead emphasized the attributes that expose the pure joy of motorcycling (but we don't mean to say that it's not enjoyable to be intimidating once in a while). The original mass-produced lightweight motorcycle has a magical place in transportation history and helped change the attitude towards motorcycling for an entire generation of the world's population. Celebrating the spirit, fun and approachability of these bikes was a design goal for the Enertia. A dichotomy of old school purist themes and new school technology, the Enertia strikes a perfect balance between the familiar and the future. But make no mistake about it, BRAMMO Enertia is THE FUTURE.
Smart Savings

Since the BRAMMO Enertia is a 100% electric vehicle, you may be eligible for government tax incentives, including a 10% federal income tax credit. And, based on a yearly commute of 10,000 miles, riding an Enertia could save you about $1,300 per year compared to a gas-powered automobile*. Plus when you ride an Enertia it will put you on the very forefront of transportation technology, and when people see you riding down the street, they'll say, "there goes someone on the very forefront of transportation technology." We're not yet sure how to put a price on that though.
*Calculated using estimated recharge usage of 3.1kWH at $0.11/kWH, average retail regular gas price as of 8/10/2009 of $2.94 per gallon, and a 22 MPG automobile.

Battery Type:
Valence Brand - Lithium Iron Phosphate*
Battery Pack Capacity:
3.1 kWh - app. 2.7 kg of LC Lithium Demand picture

Battery Pack Voltage:
76.8 V (nominal)
Recharge Time:
Approximately 4 hours
Battery Life:
2,000 recharges
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