Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mercedes-Benz: Frankfurt Electric Intro to Lithium Age TNR.v, CZX.v, DAI, SQM, ROC, FMC

We think that it will not be a very big exaggeration to say that Mercedes-Benz spent on its show at Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 more money than all juniors on Exploration for Lithium and REE this year. When these guys start to promote Electric Drive - things will move forward fast. Emissions free future is the major drive and its heart is lithium.
Video Electric Intro Click on webcast link to watch it.
Company is testing the market with electric BEV Smart in production from December 2009. Lithium battery from Tesla 14 kWt with range of 100km. Cost of driving is 2 euro per 100 km in Germany.
Next stage on its way to production is development of Blue Zero concept E-Cell. Key component to the future is Energy storage - company will start large volume production of Lithium ion batteries in 2012. Mercedes is hedging its bet on electric drive with Hydrogen F-cell model as well. All three models have Lithium-ion batteries as a core of their sandwich technology when batteries are placed into the floor of the vehicle. This approach allows the to switch very fast between three major concepts:
E-Cell Battery Electric Vehicle - Full electric Plug In: Lithium ion battery 32 kWh 250 km range.
F-Cell Hydrogen Vehicle: Lithium ion battery 7 kWh.
E-Cell Plus Battery Electric Vehicle with range extender: Lithium ion battery 16 kWh 100 km range in pure electric mode and 600 km range on one tank. "Local pure electric mobility with long range sustainability"

Video: The road to Emission-free mobility Click on Trailer link to watch it.

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