Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lithium: BYD - Build Your Dreams TNR.v, CZX.v, SQM, ROC, FMC, BYDDY, NSANY, F, TTM, TM, SLQ.v, WLC.v, LI.v, RM.v, LAT.v, ORO, RNO, FXI, GOOG, AAPL,

"...the main conclusions on future technological developments can be hardly argued in general and are putting Lithium, other Rare metals and Rare Earth Elements on the map as strategic commodities to be in demand in the nearest future:
1. Electricity as the major power source for end users including military applications.
2. Battery storage systems widely used in all mobility applications.
3. Supersonic missiles and drones are controlling sky and high precision operations are used for ground operations.
4. Satellite systems are moving control of World Trade from the sea level to the space.
We are not in agreement with China's potential..."

We are waiting for another countries to follow France and announce comprehensive development plans for infrastracture for electric cars mass market. Our Green Mobility Revolution depends on high adoption rates in Emerging markets as well and China is always of particular interest. BYD already made its founder one of the richest man in China and Warren Buffett has brought a lot of spotlight to the story with his investment one year ago. So far sales were dissapointing according to some reports and we are following this story with our Lithium Demand model. For our Junior Lithium and REE plays Chinese intentions in Electric Space are very important: Chinese Tongling has bought 13% of Canada Zinc Metals CZX.v and there are reports suggesting that the whole company could be taken out later. In this case recent CZX.v investment in TNR Gold TNR.v could become crucial for company further development and junior exploration market in Lithium and REE as a whole. Sales figures must confirm BYD's claims to become a reliable auto Brand in BEV space, but its technological specifications look very impressive: "BYD E6 range is more than 400km (249 miles), the longest range of its kind in the world."
"Best known as a battery manufacturer, China’s BYD sold its first car in 2003, Last September, a subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway bought a 10% stake. Then, in December, BYD began selling a plug-in hybrid electric car in China for about $22,000 far less than any other viable contender for the “paradigm shifting EV” title. The specs are compelling: a top speed of 100 mph and a 62-mile range on the battery. BYD may beat the Chevy Volt before it hits the road-if it passes U.S. safety tests."
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