Sunday, February 01, 2009

CDNX Juniors Canadian Venture - Warren Buffet moment. TNR.v, SST.v, CZX.v,, SBB.v,, CNU.v, FVI.v, OK.v, RMK.v, SNU.v, SGC.v.

Why is it so difficult to believe when you see a bargain? It is so sweet to chase stock price moving up, when your fellow lemmings are scratching each others backs just to get closer to the cliff. Maybe it is because your sickening feelings of collapse from that cliff of over 2400 to below 750 in a three short months are so vivid in your mind? Anyway we are here and we are having our Warren Buffet moment. Many of Juniors without merit and financial support will go bust. Weaker will be acquired, stronger will call their prices on resources to hungry Majors. We spend some time this weekend on SEDAR and file after file in MD&A: "we are reducing our exploration activities, putting properties on care and maintenance and firing personnel". Where from all those resources to be mined will come? When big fish will it other big fish in the next 12 months where all those bailout money will go? Chinese as usual are calling the shots and opening the cheque books in Canadian dollars for Juniors as well. South Americas to follow and Africa must be on Mandarin from now on.
Technically, please, notice squeeze in volatility represented by Bolinger Bands recently getting close together - it means that there is explosive move in the making, buying was persistent last week, all momentum indicators are strong. With all other conditions equal just return to the average means here explosive move up in valuation. Cherry picking will be the name of the game here, conditions we have discussed already many many times, just add one more: discipline and no leverage at this stage.
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