Thursday, February 26, 2009

So what are we going to drive after Oil will be gone - electric cars Tesla or Aptera? HUI, XAU, OIL, OIH, TSE, CDNX,

We are still thinking that there is more life in the world than just counting effects of Budget Deficits and Quantitative Easing complications for sovereign currencies. After all our Gold and Silver plays are so far from close to our heart drive and energy of new and coming - it is almost like slipping into Dark Ages when the main drive is survival, are we all gonna end with miserable army trucks moving our gold bars? Is there any life at all after Obama Stimulus? What Chinese are gonna be driving for that matter? We are looking for new drives, new ideas, once we move into Inflation stage of recovery from second Great Depression - what will be hot? Gold and silver will preserve value and maybe even will become Reserve Currency - we are in this field already. What is next? Energy security? Peak oil? As financial system became totally unsustainable because of cheap credit, corrupted Agency relations and pure Greed, so the basis of modern life based on cheap energy consumption is becoming the next bubble to burst. Will it lead to downsize when oil will be used mostly for Military Applications? You can not fight the war with batteries so far, only oil can drive tanks, fighter jets and aircraft careers. With all rock style accessories without any substance so far Obama is keen on one thing: energy security - he is ready to debase the currency US Dollar, to cut Medicare, to tax "rich", but he is pushing on alternative energy and energy efficiency. He must be known something that we do not believe so far: cheap oil is gone and even stronger - oil is gone for ordinary consumer within next twenty years.

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