Friday, February 20, 2009

Gold is at 1000 USD/oz =time is to pay attention to Juniors. CDNX, TNR.v, RMK.v, SST.v, SNU.v, SGC.v, SBB.v,, OK.v, FVI.v, CNU.v,, BTT.v

Gold is sailing through 1000 mark, time is to pay attention to Juniors. GDX has done very well from November lows, big cap goldies like Yamana Gold AUY are on fire now, money will be going into solid Juniors with properties of merit, financing and solid management. General Markets are moving down below crucial 7500 mark on DOW, Gold story finally decoupled from financial economy, China will be next Decoupling Inflation play. Gold and Silver are ultimate currency and Commodities are means for Infrastructure development. Expect burst in liquidity to be pump now to defend USA banks and Insurance companies from admitting Insolvency. Gold above 1000 is just indicating that it is happening now. Only Gold can eliminate corrupted Agency problem ala Madoff and Stanford Financials and any FIAT currency for that matter. IRS attack on UBS and Tax Heavens is burning Gold shorts alive, money are flooding into the Gold market now. Next will be shorts in Juniors begging for shares to cover.
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