Tuesday, February 24, 2009

S&P 500 Rally - PPT back from skiing. SPX, INDU, SPY, DIA, TSE, CDNX, FXI, HAU.to

PPT is finally back from skiing and Saved the day and S&P 500 from penetrating November Low. Maybe they have been discussing their cut with new administration and it keeps them away from trading desks? It is not important, what is important that they are back, Gold is trashed and SPX rallied from November Low forming Healthy Bullish Engulfing candles and Double bottom hopes. Rally should be in favor for a while and could be explosive in nature. Fear VIX will go below 40, US dollar should correct down from formed Double Top and Gold will consolidate around 1000. Time is to move into risk plays: Juniors Gold and Silver accumulating on the pull backs, China FXI, Zinc, Copper, Graines - Inflation plays are bargains among Juniors. After news on Sterling Mining SRLM.ob do not forget that you are playing against all odds giving your money to somebody else to make you rich, do your homework, we here will keep you posted on our dreams, common sense in action and cynical view of things as usual.

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