Sunday, February 01, 2009

Silver poor people gold is on the Rise again. SLV, SLW, SST.v, OK.v, KTN.v, MGN,, SBB.v, FVI.v, CNU.v

Beautiful round bottom formed under the radar screens of many trading desks. Story will be back when silver manage to close above MA200 13.62. Should US Dollar confirm its double Top formation Silver at 15 USD will be not a distant dream any more. Bargains are still there waiting for their strong hands. Victim of its double nature as currency and industrial commodity on the downturn, silver will benefit of Inflation and Reinflation Recovery. Alternative energy with its control equipment, solar panels and smart grid systems will give Silver necessary push to shine again in investment ideas. Market is so small and Supply is reduced being a by-product mostly of basic metals mines with their cut of production and closings, that any meaningful inflow will bring fireworks in the sector again. Most of the strong Juniors are already up 50-100% from December lows.
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