Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time Is To Go For Gold: Bitcoin Just Crashed ... Again – High Above $900 And Just Low at $540 GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

  Time is to go for Gold and for the real one this time - Bitcoin "Gold 2.0" status will be killed by its parabolic rise and bust and maybe it is happening already. Just today the high was at $900.98 and the low at $502.62, according to mtgox.com. With this kind of volatility Bitcoin will be struggling to become The Currency, it is traders paradise for now, but it looks like our scenario $2000 - $50 (put your own numbers here) can happen very soon.

Bitcoin Rises Over $500 - Its Collapse Will Start The New Gold Leg Up GLD, SLV, GDX, MUX, TNR.v

"ZeroHedge reports another amazing development with Bitcoin. While Janet Yellen can not see "Any Bubbles Around" the cryptocurrency is in a parabolic rise and crossing $500 valuation now. Our take is that it is the classic Bubble Ponzi Scheme in the development now and the higher it goes the harder it will fall from the sky. It does not mean that you can not make money or that Bitcoin is bad, just be very careful comparing Tulips to Gold. Everybody who is cashing out their Bitcoins at these or higher levels can receive our congratulations. Everybody who is providing cash for this should be careful.

  We have all classic signs of the Bubble in Bitcoin growing very fast and its collapse will ignite another Bull Leg in Gold. Here where we take Bitcoin as the very serious and positive groundbreaking development in the modern financial history. Nothing less than that. The magnitude and speed of its appreciation are showing that this moment of the real FIAT currencies alternatives can be very close now. 
  Bitcoin appreciation demonstrates in part the level of the real hunger for the alternatives to FIAT currencies now and how high Gold and Silver will go later once they can not be suppressed any more. Bitcoin has given to the Web generation the idea of  the Gold 2.0 and it has exploited it with meme speed of going viral. Its collapse will leave all the driving factors - apart from the pure Buble ones like chasing new buyers buying only because it is going up - in place and exodus from the FIAT based monetary system will continue, but will find its way to the time proven Gold based standard."


Bitcoin Just Crashed – High above $900 and Just Low at $540

Wirews / Today Bitcoin Last high was above $900 and just reached at its lower/crashed point $540. Big Investors Sold and hype was finally down with many’s. (BI)


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