Saturday, November 09, 2013

Peter Schiff: With ECB Rate Cut FED Has More Room To Increase QE Now GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX, SLV

  Peter Schiff warns everybody: do not be fooled by all this Taper talk, the moment FED removes the QE we are going in recession. ECB Rate Cut gives more room for FED to increase QE now.
  The action in Gold and Gold miners will be the very good indicator of the real state of the financial markets. Any discussions will stay only the words without money flowing into the sector. China is buying record amount of Gold this year and now you can add countries like Thailand and Turkey into the mix as well. Thailand's biggest domestic gold importer expects to more than double purchases this year to 200 t from 92 t last year. Turkey's gold imports have doubled this year and purchases have reached already 251.4 t from January - the biggest tonnage increase since at least 1995, according to ZeroHedge.
  What do they know the others don't? The real situation with Gold at the Central Banks being leased out or Record Low COMEX inventories?

Comex Registered Gold Falls To New Low at 640,552 Ounces - Claims Per Ounce Still Around High of 59 GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

  Jesse reports another New Low at COMEX. With this rate of outflow COMEX will be empty very soon - can we assume that now higher Gold prices will come to save it?"

Taper Anyone? China, Interest Expense On The U.S. Debt Outstanding And Gold. GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

"What is the best cure from the Taper Impulsive Disorder?  - Higher Interest Rates."

Gold Miners Are Ready For A Launch GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX, RGLD

 "We have the very interesting action today in Gold and Gold Miners. With Gold hammered down on the bad news for the sector: "very strong payroll numbers" - which should imply Taper Impulsive Disorder again - Gold miners refused to sell off and made the reversal with many names closing Up for the day. It will be important this time to see for how long Gold will stay below $1300 again. This kind of diversion in Gold and Gold Miners is the very good sign, when Gold Miners are leading the Gold prices Up.

On this chart we can see HUI relative to the Gold price and all this bear market Gold miners were sliding with faster pace than the Gold price. Now we can see the bottoming process with all momentum indicators turning Up from July."

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