Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bitcoin Heist And Jim Rickards On Taper, Janet Yellen and Gold GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX


  In this very interesting episode RT is reporting about the hunger for the FIAT Currencies alternatives and how it is driving the Bitcoin Bubble, but it is not The New Gold or even close to it - as we have written before. New security concerns are reported with the cryptocurremcy and Jim Rickards dissects the Currency War situation in the ECB, BOJ and FED race to the bottom. You will find out why Janet Yellen can not Taper and what is behind the Gold and why Gold Standard is still valuable option even today. 
  After our yesterday US dollar chart observations it has fallen out of bed so far today - maybe somebody already has received Janet Yellen's testimony for tomorrow's nomination hearing.

US Dollar And Gold This Week - Taper Talk And Who's Gonna Make The Walk GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

  "We have quite an interesting print in US Dollar today - with all Taper assured talk from both side of the FED's mouth, US Dollar has ended with a big hesitation question mark. We do not know what to take here with all ongoing market manipulation, but would like to point it out and will be watching this week action in USD very closely."

Claims: "Bitcoin Is Broken", "Security Vulnerability" - Bitcoin site is hacked, with $1million of the virtual currency stolen.

 "Bitcoin potential fair value is of 700 ounces of Gold" - Not So Fast - it is Not Gold or even close to it. There will be a lot of opinions about Bitcoin and its stratospheric rise. Its wild gyrations of valuation show the appetite for the alternatives to FIAT currencies and ... another Ponzi Scheme in the making fuelled by speculators. Do not be too alert on this one thou: as FED's issued US Dollars are maybe even worse. Everything will be ended in a bubble one day - before it you can play and make some money."

FED Chronicles - Andrew Huszar: Confessions of a Quantitative Easer

"We have a lot of very interesting developments these days: Gold Market Manipulations are almost in the headlines and the FED is more and more presented in its all glory. It is interesting to note that this article is published in WSJ and just before Janet Yellen nomination."
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