Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ron Paul About Banking Lobby, Liberty And School of Revolution.

Is there any Liberty in America left at all? Judging by the Top Brass politicians' moronic talk we have no hope left, listening to Ron Paul there is some light out there.

Peter Schiff: Gold - Out with the Debt Ceiling, in with the Debt Target!

"This circus is getting more hilarious by the day if it was not so tragic. Chinese are not lost in translation this time and whatever President Obama dreams about Debt and how it is not increasing with the increasing Debt Ceiling, they are just buying Gold."

Back Into The Future. ZeroHedge: Ron Paul Redux: "The End Of Dollar Hegemony" - The Roadmap.

  "General Bernanke was fighting US Dollar debasing it for long seven years and now is more ammunition to come with Janet Yellen in charge at the FED. Ron Paul's speech from 2006 is the true classics now. He effortlessly connects all the dots with FED, US Dollar, Gold, FIAT currencies, Oil and War. Now we have the luxury to see and appreciate his knowledge and wisdom through the prism of time and latest events in the markets and geopolitics.
  Spend some time and educate yourself - you will get the best sense of the future by knowing the past."

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