Friday, October 11, 2013

Powered by LIthium: Tesla Model S EV becomes Norway's best-selling car in September. TSLA, ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v, LIT


  AutoBlogGreen reports and we are not surprised at all, that Tesla Model S is conquering Europe now!

Powered by Lithium: Is the Tesla Model S the Future of Electric Cars? TSLA, ILC.v, TNR.v, LIT

 "Mass Media is very fast to point out any problem with electric cars and with Tesla Model S, particularly. Other people's success is very hard to digest for some people. Nothing grows to the sky and there could be different opinions about Tesla Motors valuations, stock can go up and down with Mr Market's changing perception of value. The most important thing now is not to miss the big picture here. 
  Elon Musk has demonstrated that Electric Cars can be like "Normal Cars", but only better. Customers are voting with their wallets and Mr Market was very impressed with this market disrupting technology so far. Every Tesla Model S sold is another testament to the progress and sign of available future for all of us. New Tesla Model Gen III mass market electric car from will bring this future much closer. 
  Urban mobility in places like China and India will be only possible with electric cars introduced on the mass market scale. Pollution is already the main factor determining government policies there. China has implemented the state level plan to secure strategic commodities like Lithium to make this electric revolution possible. There will always be setbacks down the road, but the smart money already are building positions in this mega trend."


Tesla Model S EV becomes Norway's best-selling car in September.

"It's not just the best-selling electric vehicle. It's not just the best-selling green car. Nope, the Tesla Model SEV managed to hit the top of Norway's list of all vehicle sales in September, Agence France-Presse reports, citing Norwegian research firm Opplysningsraadet for Veitrafikken (OFV).

In raw numbers, it's not a lot of cars. Norwegians bought 616 Tesla sedans last month, meaning that the Tesla EVs accounted for about one in 20 new cars sold. It's a rough comparison, when we look to the US, the four Toyota Prius variants accounted for about one in 70 new cars sold here last month. All told, EVs accounted for almost nine percent of new-vehicle sales in Norway last month, the AFP says, easily outselling hybrids, which accounted for about seven percent of new car sales in Norway.Tesla's numbers held steady after topping Norway's new-vehicle list for the first half of September, beating out the far more conventional Volkswagen Golf in the process. Tesla has only been selling the Model S in Norway since August and began deploying its network of Superchargers last month, saying at the time that about 90 percent of the country's population lives within a 200-mile radius (or a really fun two-hour drive in a Model S) of a station. We have to wait and see if these high initial sales represent much more than pent up demand that finally gets access to the slick EV. One way to find out will be to compare Model S sales during the first six months it's available with the quite-popular-in-Norway Nissan Leaf EV. We'll let you know around February."
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