Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HedgehogTrader: Canadian Venture Exchange Breaks Epic Downtrend! GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX, SLV

  We are following here very talented HedgehogTrader - he has developed very interesting trading system based on combination of technical, fundamental, insider buying analyses and proprietary Alpha Signals. He has issued the Call on CDNX today.
  It goes well with our own recent observations, and you can find more on HedgehogTrader work at his website and twitter. He follows McEwen Mining and TNR Gold as well. If this his Call proves to be right again, these two companies will benefit from huge Short position in McEwen Mining and any positive developments with Los Azules copper project in Argentina.

Canadian Venture Exchange breaks epic downtrend! (chart) .COM

Peter Degraaf: Don’t Miss Out on These Important Gold Charts. GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

"Peter Degraaf has produced a set of very interesting charts which we would like to share with you today. Gold is at the very important juncture now and when Jim Cramer is talking about "U.S. as a laughing stock around the world" the "serious investment" public will take notice."

 US Dollar charts look very weak now after the close under 200MA.

McEwen Mining's Q3 output up 47% year-on-year MUX, TNR.v

  "McEwen Mining is on track to deliver the production of 130,000 of gold equivalent ounces in 2013.  Gold likes Janet Yellen at the FED now and Los Azules copper developments can make the short sellers nights sleepless.

McEwen Mining & TNR Gold: Chinese giants poised to go head to head in battle for $5.9bn Las Bambas mine MUX, TNR.v

"We have more news coming out of London on the Las Bambas copper mine bidding war. More reports are coming out now with the positive outlook for copper as well, but the most important in any market is the money talk and now the real money has been put on the table. Only one buyer will be successful in this bidding war and it will bring industry attention to Los Azules copper project with the valuation catalyst for McEwen Mining and TNR Gold. Lumina Copper recent advance with its Taca Taca copper project also located in Argentina is the very good sign of things to come here."

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