Thursday, October 03, 2013

Matt Taibbi on JPMorgan and "Why Is This Firm Under Such Heat From Regulators." GLD, SLV

  Jamie Dimon is taken to the cleaners in this video. What should happen with his bank next in order to jail at least somebody? Matt Taibbi is providing more information for the interested regulators adding to the list of criminal activity. Gold and Silver manipulation will take its place there as well one day.

Doing The God's Work - Looting the Pension Funds by Matt Taibbi.

 Matt Taibbi continues his brilliant investigative journalism at its prime and brings us another facet of the  rotted to the core pyramid of financial system.

Max Keiser: CFTC Investigation And JPMorgan Whistleblowers on Gold And Silver Manipulation. GLD, SLV, GDX, GDXJ, MUX, TNR.v

  The "results" of CFTC "investigation" in Gold and Silver manipulation stink to the high heaven. With JPMorgan being involved in manipulations in Libor, Energy and other markets and talking now about the 11 billion settlement on Mortgage market manipulations, the idea that CFTC can not find any evidence of Gold and Silver markets manipulations does not fit well with more and more facts coming to the surface.

Matt Taibbi: Is JPMorgan Too Big To Chase? Will The Gold Market Manipulation Be Exposed Next?

"Matt Taibbi continues his brilliant reporting on the world of shadows and "New Normal" on the Planet Ponzi. We are just patiently waiting now when the revelations about the Gold manipulations will hit the mass media." 
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